5 Ways to be in Fashion Without being a Designer in 2018


How cliche does ‘I’m into fashion’ sound; then the questions start rolling in, “Oh are you a designer, you also make clothes like the rest?” People tend to forget that fashion is a broad term, just like Engineering, there are so many fields that make up fashion.

Have you been obsessed with the latest trends in fashion? Are you a huge fan of voguish and also possess a strong flair for personal style? Do you want to work in fashion in any other capacity asides designing and don’t know what to do? Keep calm, we’ve got you covered.

Fashion Marketing/Merchandising
Fashion marketers are responsible for determining and pro-creating fashion trends, to sell products made by fashion designers, they also help retailers to stock fashion lines and make sure they have great sales. In fashion merchandising, being able to design clothes is not necessary.

If you think only designers need to have an eyes for details then you thought wrong. A photographer is the person who brings out main elements of designers collection. The only way to speak through your clothes is by having the right photographer to caption the moments. Hence the importance of a photographer cannot be over emphasized. You could dive into fashion photography, which is a genre of photography that is focused on displaying fashion items. These two go hand in hand.

Trust me when I say this position is more serious than i sounds , it goes beyond telling your clients how to wear an outfit. It goes way beyond public figures. In this age and time individuals are now contacting stylists to help them coordinate their daily outfit and also personal project too. Stylists are also a part of how a designers collection would look on the runway. The style infidel did a great job at the Lagos fashion and design week 2017 and so many others.

Fashion Journalism
Do you love research, writing , giving your opinion on a fashion controversy, meeting people, then this is the perfect role for you. A fashion journalist has to be an
individual who applies creativity during interviews and research. Prior to the advent of social media , it was kinda of difficult to do this job because you need to live in the fashion industry to get certain informations, attending industry insider events and seeing your work printed on glossy magazines 2/3 months after writing it. Those times have definitely passed and social media has made things easier. You can now sit in the comfort of your home and get access to fashion related informations. This job is cool, as long as you are an expert in your field, you have fashion brands looking forward to working with you. This career part in fashion is all about having the right contacts and being great at what you do.

Fashion Illustrators

The fashion industry has an arm of unending roles . If you thought all fashion designers are responsible for all those artistic new designs and pieces you see, then you are wrong. Every renowned fashion house has a creative director or fashion illustrators are responsible for all those great designs you see. A fashion illustrator creates clothing designs by hand or computer programme. This is another amazing career path in the fashion industry. An
illustrator makes the dreams of a designer come to life! Fashion illustrators are essential to the creation of fabulous fashion. We have people like Hayden Williams with his iconic drawing of celebrities and fashion designs. Now we have so many young Nigerians who are doing are doing great in fashion illustration. We have illustrators like Claire idea, Obinna Omeuro and many others.

So guys there you have it , 5 ways to be in the fashion industry without being a fashion designer. Stay tuned for more Insights into the fashion industry.



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