8 Celebrity Inspired Protective Braids You Can Rock to Survive the Current Heat Wave

Issa Rae channeling her inner 90s Brandy

There’s just something very extra about Nigeria, (not being Nigerian, even though that’s super extra too) because when it rains, it really pours, when it’s cold, you feel like dressing up like the Starks and waiting for the white walkers, but then when it gets hot? Whew! I think we all know what I’m talking about.

The current heat wave almost feels like a punishment of some sorts, and we are tempted to put on less clothing, each time we step out of our apartments.

With all this, putting on a weave seems like an extreme sport, similar to Olympic weightlifting and the other thing they do with the poles (not stripper poles, sadly). The humidity at the moment just doesn’t gel well with a head full of hair, whether we like it or not.

However, just because it’s as hot as an oven here, doesn’t mean we’re going to allow the humidity cramp our style. You know why? Because after all is said and done, we’ve still got braids!

Solange Knowles

Braids have become a summer staple over the years because of how great they are during the heat (even white culture vultures pull them off). They also don’t have to be super boring too.

Helping you get started on this hairy protest against the heat, here are several types of braids you can try out.



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