A Guide to Getting the Perfect Ring


At times, getting the perfect wedding band for her could be a struggle. You could be at a loss at what she might love or perhaps on the ideal choice that will suit her personality. I know a few men who usually develop cold feet or are thrown into a state of dilemma when it comes to buying rings.

But really, it ought to be a fun experience. You are about to take the baby steps leading up to forever with your soul mate. It’s indeed, everyone’s dream – Companionship! But not too worry, will be giving you some handy tips that ought to get you, the ‘perfect i do’.


  • Have a budget 

A budget comes in handy when it comes to wedding rings, except you’re a Christianio Ronaldo. Budgets act as a guide to let you know what you actually want as well as narrow down your choices. Why would you want to narrow down choices? With the thousands of gemstones out there, a man can really be confused on what might actually be his woman’s preference. When it comes to creating budgets, it’s usually good to set it at a percentage of 5-8 % of the total wedding costs. (Always bear in mind that addition of embellishments or personalized touches would cost more)

  • Always put into consideration, her lifestyle.

The goal is to get the ideal ring. You definitely wouldn’t want to get a ring that is always removed whenever she would want to get a few things done. You would want something for the long run, and her lifestyle plays a huge role when it comes to maintenance. For example, if she’s a handy person, it’s usually best to opt for the platinum rings, as they are durable.

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new

Most times, we must have envisioned what the perfect ring ought to be, but one trip to the jeweler, and we are falling in love with the a different gemstone. Don’t be afraid to switch it up, perhaps a blend of a yellow gold and platinum, or a ruby stone might just be the perfect choice.

  • Always look out for quality

I’ll let you in on a secret, in order to get a good quality ring, always make sure that the rings have two marks engraved inside. One usually represents the manufacturer’s trademarks, while the other is the quality mark. Feel free to ask your jeweler the necessary questions.

Thank me later.




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