With Love, Whitney – Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions & Goals


Happy New Year, folks. Its 2016 and if you are just like me, you have a ton of resolutions planned out and now the issue is ‘How do I achieve them?’ Luckily for you, 2015 was a great year were I achieved a lot of my resoultions and I will be sharing my tips to success!

new year resolutions

  1. Set your goals

There are different ways to setting your resolutions for the New Year. It could be a goal a month, a week or a day.  or a checklist of all your goals and ticking them off as you achieve each resolution. Whatever way works for you is the best.

Personally, I reflect on the things I need to change or be better at; I create a  list of all my resolutions and I try to achieve them daily, weekly or monthly, depending on what each resolution is.

For example, to pray, as a resolution, that would be a daily goal. To give  to  charity, a weekly or monthly  goal.

The first step is truly knowing your goals and setting them.

Also, setting a challenge period for yourself. I recently entered a 30 day abs challenge, with different exercises each day. This definitely motivates me to workout. The 30 days helps me to get off my butt and workout to achieve my goal within a month. Soon enough, it becomes a habit to workout regularly.


2. Create a new lifestyle worth living

Whenever I  do decide to change something in my life, I think of it as starting afresh. It gives me this boost and mindset that all is achievable  if I believe in it.

With exercise and prayer, I had to think of it as a new lifestyle, a  change worth making for a better me, a rebirth of the life I am living, and since then it;s been wonderful. I wish to continue, to be better and push myself harder to achieve more.


3. Have an active motivator around

This could be a buddy, little motivational quotes around your bedroom, a reminder on  your phone, a wallpaper etc. Whatever  reminds you and motivates you to do better is the key.

For me, always putting my rosary and Bible out reminds me to pray. Having my exercise mat laid out on the floor also does the trick.

This year I will have a little journal to note all the resolutions and to remind myself of them as I reflect on each day. These are visible reminders that encourage you to stay on that new lifestyle.


4.  Declutter

Sometimes what keeps us from moving forward in life,  are  the things we surround ourselves with. To achieve a resolution, a clear out of the things  that reminds us of our former lifestyle needs to be done.

If you want to eat healthy in 2016, why not clear out all the junk food in the house and  restock with healthier options like fruits and vegetables?

Think about your surroundings, your goals and clear out all that would  hinder your 2016.


5. Stay true to yourself

As much as we all  want change and a  better  us,  it always important to stay true to yourself. To be realistic about  each resolution,  each  goal we set for 2016.  Outrageous goals are less likely to be achieved.

With work and school and the many callings of life, its not so easy to stick to goals like exercising each day for 30mins. Why not make your exercise 5 minutes a day, at the end you have achieved a goal. Rather than not even exercising all week because there was no time for a 30 minute exercise.

At the end of it, its all about trying out these goals and tweaking them to be more suitable and achievable for your life.



It’s a New Year,  what are your new year’s resolutions?




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