Alexander McQueen SS19 – Burton’s Clapback to Millenial Street Wear Hype


Since the launch of the Men’s fashion week in Paris, Couture has been the order of the day from Raf Simons to Maison Margiela but non has captured it with such chic lenses like Sarah Burton’s latest handiwork.

Burton, to whom high fashion is nothing new, designed a juxtaposing collection that was as Masculine as it was feminine. From the cinched waists, to the trenches and overall jackets with arm slits, to the fringe attaches, splotches of pink and cropped jackets, this collection was a heavy dose of feminine-masculinity at it’s most impeccably tailored finest.

Asides the obvious gender mix-match, the collection was almost a ‘Take that’ in the face of the millenial obsession with street wear. According to Burton, fine tailoring was the street wear of the older generation. As she said of the heightened formal codes that made up most of her menswear collection, inspired by Francis Bacon, John Deakin and their fellow Soho characters in the 1950s and ’60s: “I suppose this was street back then. It’s not street now, but it’s how men used to dress. McQueen is always about a narrative and a beauty, an elegance, a rawness, dark and light. It’s not about street. It was about cut and silhouette and clothes that are forever.”

The major highlights of the collection were as previously mentioned, the crop jackets, slits, cinched waists and other androgynous nods but the other stand out details like the monochrome red sirens, the multi colored splatter resembling an artists’ paint cover, the neon orange trench coats, flared buttom track pants, leather and the extra fringe detailing to stamp it’s couturial effect, couldn’t be missed.

Couture clapback or not, I don’t know if I speak for the entire millenials, but this range be dope AF.

View the entire collection below;


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