All White Fit, Decidedly the Best for the Festive Parties


Its the festive season already with just 26 more days before Christmas, with numerous dinners and parties springing from all sides, but with so little time to plan outfits or even shop.

Without wasting much time, if there is any color that instantly makes you stand out in events this festive period then it must be white.

This is the conclusion arrived at as so many beautiful fashionistas and stylish celebrities have at different events been spotted wearing white Monochrome and boy did they not stand out? All were decidedly after-dark dresses with a common goal: to provide pleasure – and to induce their wearer to stay up late.

White is not only pure but unapologetically intense, a strange mixture of elegance and innocence. A look for the young at heart. Many designers made use of this color for their debut of new collection on the runway this SS19.

Though sometimes white and parties don’t always work but in most cases it is not the color but design and style of the dresses. Wearing white this season just sings mature and classy. White has a ethereal  quality but pure white color is my preference because it suits everyone and brings out tenderness.

Below are a few of my favorite white outfits on celebrities, as well as inspiration for your next party this season;



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