Arise Fashion Week Day 2: The Really Good & The ‘Not-Even-Trying’


Day 2 was better in every way just like I expected!

Once bitten twice shy they say! I arrived at the show just in time. The first designer (Imad Eduso) had showcased when I entered the hall (I took photos, can’t blame me for that) and infact Taryor Gabriels was almost done, but I’m glad I didn’t miss the entire thing!

It was already time for the group walk and models were coming out in well tailored suits and then suddenly, the models in traditional Yoruba attires started coming out. Another came out in agbada carrying a huge umbrella and I wondered what it was for until Richard Mofe Damijo was carried out by some other models all dressed in a proper King’s attire. With gold details all over and in all his swag, everyone in the hall started screaming including me! RMD on the runway – How often do you get to see that?

Karolyn Ashley was next and I really don’t know where I stand with the collection. It was just a lot flowy dresses and glitters although there were some elements I liked about the collection, it didn’t do much for me. Ilarè and Funke Adepoju made up for it though! Ilarè was mostly on the plain side with dark neutral colours (mostly). She brought back the cage-love as she infused it in almost every design. It was so well finished and put together (shoutout the stylists backstage), it could have passed for a new Self Portrait design. Funke Adepoju left me stunned in and wanting more as her easy breezy yet sophisticated designs were showcased on the runway. I spotted Ozzina wearing her design on day 1 so I kinda knew what to expect. The fabric with short clustered fringe that could pass for fur was transformed into different dresses and in different colours at one point, the fringe was beaded in shapes. I won’t lie, I saw myself in those dresses (funny thing is dresses are not even my thing!)

Kimono Collection – From the ranges of ensemble I saw on the runway, I’d classify it as the embodiment of what a modern day man desires. The millennial centered collection delivered outfits that a man needs depending on his schedule for the day. So whether you are going to work, lounging with your friends or attending an owambe, Kimono Collection is your go to! Leo on the runway in that embellished suit was pure fire. The man has all the swag in the world!


Mustafa Hassanali was my least favourite collection I saw on the runway. The fabric, the colours, the prints on the fabric and even the style was off. I just didn’t vibe with it but I’ll say watching the models do the group walk in all yellow ensemble was really dope. It reminded me of why we love the Yellow of Lagos!

I follow Tzar on Instagram so I had high hopes for their collection. I expected it to be clean, fresh and modern which is all it was. There was overlay, stripes and a mix of hues. It’s an all male collection but I can definitely see myself in those pieces.

Kenneth Ize is the king of aso oke in bold colour stripes and Iman Hammam in his suit was everything. She is super gorgeous! Coloured sparkpe hit the stage as models in Loza Maleombho pieces walked down and the runway and it was the kind of awakening we needed.

Tinie Tempah brought it back home with the version of What We Wear Collection he showcased titled ‘7 Days Till Lagos’. The added Nigerian culture just shows that our history can be twisted a little to fit in the world we live in. Perks of his showcase was that Dice Ailes and Not3s performed! Yaas boo! PS I love Tinie’s music!

I think I’m just gonna wrap it up at Tifanny Amber. Ranges of dresses in different colours with headpieces were the order of the day for Tiffany Amber but my favourite has to be piece Naomi Campbell strutted down the runway in. Black never looked so good with silk that was shiny and feathers that were fluffy. I loved every minute of it.

With how long my story is, best believe I had a great time!



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