As the Harmattan Season Approaches, These are a Few Wardrobe Essentials You Need


November is coming to an end, 2019 is wrapping up and it is that time of the year when the weather takes a huge twist along with everything else; festivities are ushered in and a new season arrives, characterized by very dry and hot wind, called Harmattan. For many people this is the most dreaded season as the weather becomes unstable; the morning starts out very chilly, then the afternoon, dry and hot, then again the evening is cold. Dressing according to the dictates of the morning weather could leave you with regrets in the afternoon because of the unpredictability of the weather conditions.

Yet, the dryness of the season does not mean you should always appear tired and out of fashion. You need to be able to balance your dressing during the season and be open to the dynamics of the weather.

I will be sharing with you a few fashion tips that will keep you comfortable at most times yet looking great for the impending dry season:

As I mentioned earlier, there is a need for balance; that is why during harmattan, sleeveless clothes with jackets (be it bomber jackets, varsity jackets, jean jackets) are always a good call. You set out in the morning when the weather is still chilly and you have your jacket on and you put it off when it gets hot in the afternoon. I do not support wearing hoodies because they will leave you frustrated in the hot afternoons. Dress for the season and look great with it.

Another wardrobe essential for the harmattan season is the face cap or the sun shades. These are to protect your skin from the fury of the scorching sun. The harmattan is usually very hot and dry, blasting all its haze on the skin and you can prevent your face from being burnt from its harshness by wearing a face cap and a sunshade (remember, the bigger the shades, the better the protection). Imagine making a fashion statement with big sun shades and staying protected yet fashionable. A hat is not a bad idea as well.


It is popular knowledge that dark coloured clothes absorb more heat from the sun than brightly coloured clothes so it will be appropriate for you to tune your wardrobe to the “colours” of the season. Colours like black, deep blue, dark grey will leave you hot and sweaty in comparison to brighter colours like yellow, light blue, lemon, pink, etc. I feel it is imperative to mention that white is not entirely a good outfit colour choice during harmattan, because of the dust. Notwithstanding, bright colours would do you more good during harmattan, trust me.

In this case, Adire are nice options; their brightly colored patterns make them attract less heat.


Make do with this few tips on wardrobe essentials till next week when I write on skincare tips for harmattan, and let’s all look forward to having a pleasurable harmattan period in the speedily concluding year, 2019.



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