Bag Crush – Skinnydip London’s Super Fun Bags


You know what they say, it’s not about what you carry in your bag but how you carry it. Ok, I may have made that up but I love bags, I mean, I’m obsessed with the idea of having every bag I like (that’s why I say, I cant afford my style right now) and just like clothes, you can never have too many bags, never. When shopping, every detail is important to me and I always want to feel some unique vibes from each bag and Skinnydip London bags have unique written all over them.

I’m hugely crushing on the crazy bags from the British brand specializing in bags, from clutches, purses, backpacks, tote bags, cross body bags to wallets; phone and travel accessories in unconventional shapes, textures and colours,

I love every bag on the site right now, EVERY one.  Asides the fact that each bag has a very unique design, the bags are really fun and they display all kinds of creativity. There are different stylish ways to wear each bag, they are very affordable and they look really cool too!

Several fashion bloggers, enthusiasts and stylists have been spotted wearing some of these bags and they didn’t fail to make it look extremely stylish.


Frédérique Tietcheu  (
Frédérique Tietcheu (

millie-mackintosh-skinny-dip-london handy crush
Millie Mackintosh carrying the Spectrum Clutch

Okay, so my birthday is still very far off (December) but I wouldn’t mind a mid year gift… I’m in love with all the designs so you just pick what you want and send it to me. Okay? thank you.











skinnydip pineapplejuice bag crush











What’s your favorite design?






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