#BBNaija Reunion 07: Ahneeka Reflects on DeeOne’s Rejection, K Brule’s Teachable Moment and Ebuka Cancels out Conspiracy Theories


The former housemates returned once again for another night of humorous reflection on major events that happened during the 3 month run of the show last year.

With reunion ending with Friday’s episode, Anto, Teddy A, DeeOne, Lolu, Angel, Ahneeka, Rico Swavey, Alex, Nina, Tobi, Princess, K Brule, BamBam, Vandora and Bitto, all sat down with host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu to talk about voting and audition conspiracy theories, the evnts leading up to K Brule’s disqualification and how Ahneeka really felt about DeeOne’s rejection.

Day One Evictions

Ebuka quizzed the former housemates about the fake evictions that went down on the first day of entry into the house.

While Tobi maintained that he was shocked but accepting of his fate, Ahneeka and Lolu explained that the whole situation had their brain turnionown.

Anto on the other hand, stated that she wasn’t fazed because they had just arrived and she really didn’t know anyone, so it was more of a “bye, Felicia” situation for her.

K Brule vs Khloe vs DeeOne

One of the major twists that shook the house, was the disqualification of K Brule and his partner Khloe from the Big Brother house after an altercation involving an inebriated K Brule. Angel accused DeeOne of instigating the situation, a statement Bitto supported as DeeOne has been known to be a troublemaker.

DeeOne however, took it below the belt by calling Angel an agbaya old, and questioning his memory which he has allegedly loss due to his old age.

K Brule clarified the situation after going in on DeeOne, explaining that Khloe involving his mum in their squabble hurt him as she was battling cancer at the time, before launching into a Chris Okotie-like speech about learning to control and let go of anger.

Ahneeka and the NO that shook Nigeria

Reminiscing about the pairings in the house and how that came about, Ahneeka admitted that DeeOne rejecting her on National TV also known as Channel 198, really messed with her self-esteem.

She further explained that while she was embarrassed, him accepting Vandora after her request made it worse, as she started to compare herself to Vandora (which really sucks by the way).

In his defense or rather should I say, attempted defense, DeeOne claimed he was just being funny (smh). He stated that he would’ve rejected anyone who came to him first, just to get people to laugh.

He went on to kneel and ask for Ahneeka’s forgiveness to which she jokingly replied “NO”.

Hard Guy! Hard Guy! Teddy A still Cried

In an adorable moment featuring Mr & Mrs. Teddy A, we watched how Teddy broke down following BamBam’s eviction.

Teddy trued to reclaim his hard guy status by saying he rarely cried, while BamBam admitted that seeing her man in tears reassured her that he really cared.

Ebuka Sets the Record Straight

The host with the most Agbada styles, went on to cancel out the conspiracy theories most fans and contestants have about the show.

He explained that the show wasn’t an “IM” situation (an Igbo slang which means “I know someone”) as all the housemates auditioned normally and the selection process was clear. A statement the housemates agreed with.

Ebuka also stated that the show is not a Nigerian show but belongs to Endemol and as such, contrary to popular opinion, the votes weren’t influenced to favor anyone.

Today will see the final reunion episode with the top four Nina, Tobi, Cee-C and Alex. Whew! It’s been quite a rollercoaster of emotions and we can’t wait to watch the drama unfold tonight.


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