#BBNaija Reunion Finale: Weak Partners, Meltdowns and a Polygraph!


The Big Brother Double Wahala reunion is finally over! After weeks of re-introducing us to our favorite housemates and reminding us why the last season of the show was one of the most dramatic seasons ever, the Big Brother team finally drew the curtains on the old housemates, as we prepare for another drama packed season.

From Cee-C, Tobi and Alex finally getting some form of closure, to DeeOne dragging everyone and Nina’s bombshell, a lot has happened during the reunion.

For the last episode, the Big Brother team went out with a bang, having the contestants answer scandalous questions using a polygraph machine, the revelations that came following this, absolutely blew our minds.

Vandora accuses Alex of stealing someone’s man, as Alex has another meltdown

Everyone knows Alex and Vandora where super chummy in the house before the latter’s exit. However, we had no idea that wasn’t the case anymore, as Vandora while hooked up to the polygraph stated that she “doesn’t consider Alex a friend”.

She went on to talk about how Alex only needed her when she was bored, and also the fact that Alex knowing Cee-C and Tobi’s relationship, kept kiki-ing with Tobi. She called Alex’s behavior unacceptable and disrespectful of the girl code.

When it was Alex’ turn to take the polygraph, she was asked if she got over Leo quickly because she liked Tobi originally and while she said no, the lie detector said she lied.

Alex proceeded to have a rant about how she’s tired of her narrative always involving Tobi and Cee-C.

Bam Bam is the one for Teddy A, but Princess feels she’s a better option

Teddy A and BamBam might just be the real deal. The “Alpha Male” king during his time at the polygraph, was asked if BamBam was the one for him, to which he replied, “YES”, and the lie detector confirmed that it was true.

BamBam literally looked like she had won a beauty pageant as he she kept grinning, however, Ahneeka clearly stated that if there was a wedding, she wouldn’t be in attendance.

When Princess was asked if she thought she was a better partner for Teddy A, she said no, but the polygraph revealed that it was a lie.

Princess seemed shocked by the revelation, saying that she didn’t care much for Teddy as she was rarely around him during the show.

Tobi is tired of the Cee-C fiasco and ready to move on

While Tobi failed his polygraph test where it was revealed that he got close to Alex just to spite Cee-C, he later admitted that while Cee-C had been blowing hot and cold during the reunion, he would want both of them to past the events of the house and at least be cordial.

Cee-C seemed open to the idea, agreeing to a private conversation where everything could be worked out between the both of them.

Leo/Ifu Ennada and Angel/Ahneeka, who was weak?

Shots were thrown when during her polygraph Ifu revealed that she blamed her eviction on Leo being a weak competitor. While she claimed it wasn’t from a malicious place, she just felt he could do better. Leo on the other hand somewhat agreed with Ifu, stating that it was obvious she wanted it more than he did.

When asked the same thing about Ahneeka, Angel stated that he didn’t think she was weak, but the polygraph didn’t buy it. He reiterated that the polygraph must’ve been lying, as he didn’t think Ahneeka weak at all.

BamBam is not an actress after all, and Khloe really vibes with Cee-C

The lie detector answered one of the most asked questions during the season, is BamBam fake?

Well apparently Mrs. Teddy A was just being her cute ole self in the house. This puts all the accusations to rest for now.

Khloe and Cee-C reminisced about their friendship and how they liked each other from the get go, when the lie detector proved that Khloe didn’t befriend her because she was popular.

Other major revelations included Nina saying that she didn’t regret ruining her relationship with Collins over Miracle and Lolu revealing that he never loved Anto.

Ebuka ended the show advising the housemates to move on (as if it’s not big brother that brought them back again) and try to be the bigger person, as a lot of opportunities existed outside the house and the 20 housemates.

We sure can’t wait for the new season. So until the drama returns, we’re signing out.


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