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Every day I come across hidden beauties and ideas being executed successfully by different brides, groom’s or wedding planners, caterers and what have you. Just when I feel I have seen it all, the peak of creativity exudes way beyond my imagination. Thereby, gradually attesting to the fact that the wedding industry is forever evolving.

This week, I have been opportune to come across different creative(s) with whimsical and ideas which scream out of the basic online. Which is why I was chose to highlight these four things I’m currently loving and heavily swooned about in the wedding industry.

  • Bridal Shoes from Bella Belle 

If you don’t love shoes then you’re not a woman (yep! I said it). Asides that I fell in love with these bridal shoes from Bella Belle because there really isn’t any reason not to. Take a good look and grin along with me as both eyes peruses through the flair of both tulle and silk heels wrapped in one. Although, you might have the same fear I had when i saw them at first, the fear of it being too pretty to be walked in.

  • Cake by Creme Co by Touran

I have seen a thousand and one cakes, literally, so believe me when I said that the first word that came to mind was ‘yum’ when I saw this particular cake, and I meant it. The cake which was clearly made for a bridal shower happens to beats all the odds for the wedding cake inspirations out there.

  • Decor by Melbourne Events Florals

What got me swooned about this decor was the way suspended flowers where introduced in the space. Although, they are a huge trend this season, what still makes it strikingly different is the way most event planners takes it to a whole new level of innovation. Also, can one ever go wrong with the classic white at weddings?

  • Chiara Ferragni Wedding Dress by Dior

Embroidered with motifs and lyrics of Fedez’s (husband) song “Favorisca I Sentimenti”, (a song he wrote for their proposal at Verona, Italy) by Dior, Chiara Ferragni’s dress stole my heart. Because really, what spells love better than adding a personal touch with a strong significance to your wedding dress for all to see.

Would you care to fill me in what your thoughts are and probably give me pointers as to what I must have probably missed?


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