Between the lines


Body painting is an age old art, that involves basically painting temporarily on the human body for the purpose of creating art. Sorta like a temporary and most times more colorful temporary tattoo.

In recent times however, a new wave of body painting has taken the interest of professional photography in particular. It might not be weird to go on Instagram these days and see a model posed in skin and lined graffiti as it seems to be a favorite  concept for photographers especially when the model is black.

There seems to be no real or straight explanation for it but the end result is always appealing and beautifully juxtaposing at that.


Just like the flower in photography this line trend shows that sometimes Less is more. While extreme and complicated body painting is in itself very beautiful and exotic this minimalistic form allows the viewer to see more than just the paint but the canvas too which in this case is the model’s body, thereby making the canvas the art.

The painting is still appreciated but the focus of appreciation is the model, if you catch my drift. It’s a little like good makeup, when makeup is done right it accentuates the person’s natural beauty rather than change or cover it.

I prefer this type of body painting because rather than reading the lines or in this case the painting you are reading between the lines which is always more interesting.




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