Beyoncé’s Loss at the Emmys is Further Proof that Award Shows are Losing their Relevance

Beyoncé performs during Coachella
Source: Netflix

Despite being nominated for a handful of awards, Beyoncé’s history-making culturally relevant concert film, Homecoming, loses to James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Proving once again, that award shows run by middle-aged white men don’t have the range. 

It would be weird for us to pretend that we were surprised when Beyoncé’s name made the cut for the 2019 Emmy Awards in July. I mean, this wasn’t her first time at the rodeo. With a nomination for her 2013 Superbowl Halftime Performance, and several noms for Lemonade, the visual film accompanying her 2016 album of the same name, Beyoncé is lowkey an Emmy regular – But the gag is, she still doesn’t have a trophy. 

Source: Netflix

Homecoming, which debuted on Netflix early this year to coincide with the 2019 Ariana Grande and Childish Gambino-headlined Coachella show, gave the world an intricate and intimate look into the intensely physical and creative process behind her 2018 Coachella performance, that saw her make history as the first black woman and third woman overall, to headline the desert-set show. The docu-style film shows Beyoncé at her most vulnerable state. We see the global music icon fight to get her body back barely six months after the birth of her twins, struggle to connect to her performance side after being away from the stage for a long period, all the while curating a 2 hour-long show that merged her discography with moments and sounds that deeply reflect what it means to be a black woman in America. Basically, we got an all-access pass to the making of what DJ Khaled famously referred to as Beychella

One of the best concert films of all time. Beyoncé did not give us everything from looks, a Solange dance break we’ve all tried to recreate, a Destiny’s Child mini-reunion, a marching band, Balmain hoodies, Blue Ivy vocals, several memeable moments and the bad-ass, “Until I see some of my notes applied, it doesn’t make sense for me to make more,” quote, all for the Emmys to give her zero awards? A travesty.

Destiny’s Child performs during Coachella
Source: Netflix

Nominated for Outstanding Variety Special; Outstanding Costumes for Variety, Non-Fiction or Reality Programming; Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special; Outstanding Music Direction; Outstanding Production Design for a Variety Special; and Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special. It ended up losing most of its awards to Rupaul’s Drag Race, Rent: The Musical and the most shocking loss, the Outstanding Variety Special to none other than, James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke (the same show Lemonade lost to in 2016)

Nothing against Corden’s show. Granted, it’s really cute. But, awarding a show that basically features people singing in a car with a go-pro attached to the screen over a show like Homecoming with its impact and technical triumphs, calls to question the relevance of the award itself.

This is not the first time Beyoncé’s greatness has been overlooked. The Grammys have constantly relegated her to the “urban” category, despite her incredible range that transcends genres. She lost Album of the Year to Beck in 2014, and once again to Adele in 2017. Just like the rest of us at home, Adele wasn’t here for it. She famously called out the Grammys and admitted that the award deserved to be in the hands of Beyoncé. The Grammys also handed out its Best Rap Album trophy to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the same year Kendrick Lamar was nominated for GKMC (urrrgh the lack of taste!). Then there were the Oscars this year, where Green Book took home the Best Picture statue. You know what, it’s actually exhausting.

Beyoncé performs during Coachella
Source: Netflix

While her team and cameraman have shared their personal sentiments on the snub, Beyoncé has kept mum on the issue, leaving the Beyhive to assemble Avengers-style and demand justice.

If there is one thing we can take away from Award shows and their constant snobbery of Beyoncé’s mind-blowing talent and creative energy, it’s the fact that we all need to have self-confidence and believe in our own sh*t. “I’m top two and I ain’t even number two” – Beyoncé clearly knows who she is and acknowledges her own magic, so who needs award validation? 


  1. Kames Corden literally tapes a phone to his windshield to record that show and it won? It beat Beyoncé’s technical team that worked in such perfect harmony to bring us the incredible visual that was Homecoming? I’m sorry but the writer is right. Award shows have lost their relevancy because it seems more like a popularity contest, rather than reward for actual hard + smart work. Do you remember how their costumes changed from yellow to pink with such fluidity in Homecoming????? The Power! The Flavour!


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