Blog Love – Naked Convos


Before the fashion and beauty side to me developed, fiction was my first love. Irrespective of how invested I am in fashion, I find time for my first love and naked convos is one of the blogs that give me a perfect dose of the amount of fiction. 

the naked convos


Founded by Elroy Jetson, the online platform is the haven of a lot of fiction lovers, conservationists, intellectual bants and more personalised write ups about daily living, relationships, the society and more.

naked convos

With over 120 contributors, it is no wonder the blog is a safe place for all and sundry, and the likelihood that you will take something along with you and come back for more is very high.

naked convos 1

I love their consistency, authenticity of the articles, the personalisation, the socio-cultural topics and most of all, the blog interface is absolutely navigation friendly and appealing to the eyes.

the nakex convos 2

I call it a platform for home grown entertainment.







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