Braid Bombshell: Zoe Isabella Kravitz


Remember the black bombshell from Mad Max: fury road , Divergent, X-men: First class or maybe Dope and quite recently Rough night? Well, her name is Zoe Isabella Kravitz and she’s a complete rockstar, not that she has a band or anything (though i wouldn’t be surprised if she did) but she literally rocks everything. 

As wavy as the term itself especially at a time when the word gets thrown about (these days every one claims to be), her braid game would have you giving second thoughts to whether the money you spend on weaves is worth it (they totally are though).

From box braids to messy half done ones this gorgeous girl rocks it all.

I remember seeing her messy half done braids for the first time and thinking, ‘Gosh I hate her, how can those braids be that messy and still look so good’.

She obviously likes experimenting, from simple box braids, to the half done, to blonde girl, to shaving half her hair off. And with her cheek bones and gorgeous features, it would take wearing a garbage can on her head to ever look ridiculous.

Zoe is an all-round bombshell but I especially think her hairdos take the crown.



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