Bye Botched Brows: Everything to know about Meagan Good’s Eyebrow Transplant


The doctors at 90210 continue to shock us daily, with new ways of turning back the hands of time through a little bit of nip and tuck. While we’ve gotten used to the idea of getting a Botox when the time is right to tap into our inner Kris Jenner, never in our wildest dreams, did we think a permanent solution to botched eyebrows could be found.

Meagan’s Image Culled from Instagram

The 90s and early 2000s was a really weird and dark time for fashion. From the oversized Phat Farm and FUBU pants, to heavily lined lips, and also the bizarre trend of shaving odd your eyebrows completely, only to use a pencil to draw it back on.

The eyebrow thing was super weird and creepy (shout out to Eucharia Anunobi and Clarion Chukwura by the way), but that didn’t stop it from being the “it” trend of the moment. However, just like everything that happens with fashion, the trend faded away and many were left with the tumultuous process of having to grow their eyebrows back.

For some people, the journey back to natural brows was as unsuccessful as Jim Iyke’s brief rap career and so began the different processes of creating fake eyebrows, from penciling it in, to eyebrow tattoos and then, microblading.

One of the unlucky members of the botched brow gang happens to be Hollywood starlet, Meagan Good (Think like a Man, Jumping the Broom). However, while promoting her latest movie, a thriller with Michael Ealy on the Wendy Show, the actress revealed that her bold looking eyebrows were as a result of a recent transplant she had.

Explaining the process to host Wendy Williams, Meagan stated that she had ruined her brows at 19 and had tried everything from tattoos to microblading, before deciding that she needed real hair.

The procedure which was carried out by E! Dr. 90210 star, Dr. Jason Diamond, can last for about two to three hours, and  will cost you a steep $7,500 (Approximately N3 million). According to the plastic surgeon’s site, “Eyebrow transplants are typically performed by removing hair from the back of the scalp. After hair is harvested, tiny angled incisions are made in the brow area, and the hairs are grafted into the hair follicles.”

It’s important to note that unlike other transplants that require donors, this doesn’t. All you need is hair from your scalp or sometimes, your legs, and boom you’ve got Normani brows.

The healing process isn’t quite a chore either. If you can stomach a tattoo, then the healing process for the transplant will be quite a breeze. After healing, it would probably take a few months for the transplanted hair to grow.

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