Dami’s BBN Daily: Chill & Chops, Away From Africa Themed Party, DJ Dose With The Personalized ‘Legbegbe’ & Ceebi Drama Part 9


Saturday morning was filled with suspense in the BBN house as Biggie blindfolded the housemates with plans to move them some place else but alas! it was a pleasant surprise. More pleasant than they could have ever imagined!

The arena was revamped into a chilled arcade place with a lot of activities that interested the different housemates. From video games to pool, weights, cards and other workout equipment with ofcourse music and a lot of small chops (my God!)

The chilled period ran its course and the housemates got their package from Payporte for their away from Africa themed party. It was indeed away from Africa as their outfits were a mix of Indian, Japanese and Arabian culture which was a fresh look that was different from the norm. I didn’t quite know what Rico’s look could be classified as but he sure did look good.

It was party time and the housemates moved to the party arena with the speakers already blazing with music from DJ Sose. He really got the housemates into the party vibe by sharing synchronized dancesteps with them but the brain bursting situation of the entire night was when he played another version of the ‘Legbegbe’ hit with the names of the housemates in it. They went super wild, so did I and I’m pretty sure you did too. It was insane……………Literally!

As predicted by most people, Tobi and Cee-C got into it after the party as usual but the basis of their argument wasn’t quite clear. The glorifying thing was that Alex spoke the mind of us viewers to Tobi and Cee-C. Really, it is not enough that I explain how she said so you really need to watch the recap online. She really hit the nail on the head without minding the reaction from both Tobi and Cee-C.

Most of the viewers tried not to get sucked in by staying awake as usual to watch till the end and I was the one that led the pack!


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