Dami’s BBN Daily: Chills Before Main Agenda, HOH Challenge, Nominations, Miracle as HOH Again, T-Shirt Rift & Lumapil #KickMalariaOut Campaign!


Day 51 in the BBN house carved out downtime before the agenda of the day!

After a handful of time for leisure, the housemates competed for the HOH spot and this week, Biggie ruled out the qualifying task and the housemates went straight to the real challenge. BB Naija Star boy, Miracle took the crown once again and as expected he reciprocated Nina’s gesture last week and chose to share the luxury bedroom with her. It’s another week long living like royalty for Miracle and Nina!

In the week that was, Biggie lifted the save and replace authority of HOHs and now their fates lie in their hands as they have to randomly pick cards and spell out their fate. Miracle chose a card that enabled him to be immune from nominations in addition to saving the housemate of his choice but without replacement. If you ask me, I’ll say that it is a task made easier!

Nominated housemates include BamBam, Teddy A, Cee-C, Rico Swavey, Alex and Lolu. The HOH Miracle saved Tobi. Yaaassss to bro code!
Alex and Teddy got into an argument because of the shirts sizes for their Lumapil presentation but what really caught my attention is peoples’ bias about the whole gthing. Teddy can come off as arrogant –yes! He prides himself in being the alpha male yet his efforts in all challenges hasn’t been enough to win him any prize – the answer is also yes! But those perceptions shouldn’t cloud our judgements every time. We are all human.

The task for day 51 was to present a campaign against malaria and it was sponsored by malaria brand – Lumapil (I wonder what the reward of the challenge would be? Free anti-malaria tablets for a year? Don’t mind me!) The housemates were divided into groups and were each expected to shed light on the causes, effects and cure of malaria. I think I already know the winning team but I’ll save my opinions for later.


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