Dami’s BBN Daily : Ego Still in the Way & Sleeping Dogs Still Lying!


Day 82 in the BBN house was somewhat like the two sides of a coin!

You can imagine that the housemates have a lot of relaxing to do and they took advantage of it but Biggie wasn’t going to let the day just slide by!

The housemates had their morning exercise with a new female trainer before they proceeded to the task of the day. The Minime sponsored challenge had the housemates do a little apron hunting before getting to the real challenge.

They had two groups of two members each which left Tobi as the groupless one and the one to capture all the action in the moment. The housemates filmed a couple drama scences and the pair of Miracle and Alex won the challenge.

This situation left Nina a little upset because of the tension between Tobi and her pair Cee-C. I guess he wasn’t over what happened the prior day so he shut the accusation down immediately.

Pride and Ego musn’t get in the way of situations all the time. The verbal abuse shouldn’t have happened in the first place but we are all humans and we have the tendency to make mistakes. What is left to own up to them and move but………….hell no!

Tobi had a discussion with his BFF Alex and he made it known to her that Cee-C’s apology wasn’t sincere and she only apologized because she got sactioned. Oh Well! The deed has been done however!



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