Dami’s BBN Daily: Miss Cee-C -the Talk of the Town, Mrs. W’s Visit & Divided House over Food!


So people, Cee-C’s strategy is working! She is trending all over so I guess what they say about no publicity being bad publicity is true!

The housemates were pretty idle on day 60 as their task presentation wasn’t due. They spent most of their time gisting and talking about their issues in the house (nowadays, they have a lot of those!) Tobi, who is being referred to as a gossip by most people outside the house spent most of his time talking to some of his fellow housemates about Cee-C’s behavior and her outburst over the tiniest of issues.

To those calling him a gossip, there’s only so much that one person can take as if y’all can see that then it is pretty sad. Talking about these things can actually be a way of getting it off his mind and relieving stress, it is just sad to see him being misjudged. PS: This is coming from a neutral point of view.

It is no secret that the Double Wahala
housemates aren’t getting a lot of guests like the housemates from See Gobe but for 2 days in row, they have gotten surprise guests maybe that’s about to change. The beautiful Adesua Etomi Wellington paid the housemates a surprise visit and the housemates went nuts. Literally! I have always perceived her to be a wise person so I wasn’t surprised when she dished out advice to the housemates and how well she answered the questions that each housemates had for her. She really is a beautiful person!

Part of the issues that the housemates have been having is the issue of food proportion. One person is always fighting with the other over the issue of stolen meat or eating another’s food without permission. It just a bundle of confrontations that we didn’t really see in the previous season so people are now asking: Isn’t Biggie supplying enough food? If he is, then why the silliness of hijacking what doesn’t belong to them knowing fully well that the item is not in abundance. Na wa for them sha


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