Dayo Okusami On – Come Dine With Me: Cape Town Edition


Belthazar Restaurant and Wine Bar, located on the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa (CPT) is my second favorite restaurant in CPT. My favorite? That would be telling but maybe I’ll write about it someday.

Dayo Okusami Belthazar view table Mountain Cape Town
View From the restaurant: Table Mountain in the background.


Belthazar is known for its large wine list, arguably one of the largest in the city (I counted over 200) and it’s offering of beef and game meat (ostrich is a specialty) and has also been voted best steakhouse in South Africa.

It’s always busy but most times you don’t need a reservation. The atmosphere is touristy but not in a bad way and I am a tourist so I can’t exactly complain. Recently I was having “Dunch” (dinner and lunch) which is a word invented by my daughter (So don’t steal the word and if you do and make money off it, be a kind soul and send us some money) there.


Getting ready for “Dunch”. Note the gentleman at the bottom right holding the wine list (over 200 wines strong), which looks like a newspaper.
Getting ready for “Dunch”. Note the gentleman at the bottom right holding the wine list (over 200 wines strong), which looks like a newspaper.


The restaurant usually serves their freshly made bread rolls and beef sausages in a tomato sauce when you order your drinks so unless you have a huge appetite, don’t bother ordering a starter as the bread is amazing and if you want a starter, and they have many appealing ones, avoid the bread and sausages, they are delicious.

Dayo Okusami Belthazar Cape Town bread and sausage wine
Bread & sausage combo is fantastic. The red wine was pretty good too.


They have, as you would expect a large selection of beef, usually hung on the carcass for 3 days and then wet or dry aged (apparently T-Bone Steaks are dry aged for a minimum of 28 days) so the steaks served are top quality.

I had a 250g sirloin with the pepper crust basting (try this or the house basting) which was so good you don’t really need a sauce but of course you could go with any of their sauces, my favorite being the Madagascar Green Peppercorn sauce.

Dayo Okusami Belthazar Cape Town steak
Meat! Glorious meat!


The restaurant views are very cool, there’s people-watching, the boats for the Marina and Table Mountain in the background, shopping (the restaurant is part of the V&A Waterfront Mall, one of the more upscale shopping malls in CPT).

Dayo Okusami Belthazar Cape Town view ship
View from the restaurant: Avast! Me hearties.


Interesting thing happened during Dunch, the local power authority was load shedding so they announced on the evening TV news the day before and in the newspapers of the day that electricity would be cut between 630-830pm (we should be so lucky to get such notice in Nigeria).

Dayo Okusami Belthazar Cape Town view sunset ferris wheel
Sun Setting: Waiting for the power to come back on.


Electricity is often cut off in South Africa although that is happening more these days so it was bemusing to see a country used to having electricity handle a “little” power cut of 2 hours but right on the money, the electricity was restored at 830pm, much to the relief of the restaurant and customers as they didn’t have a back up generator so the kitchen had to be closed but on the up side, the wine was available and freely served. Do visit Belthazar next time you’re in CPT.

Dayo Okusami Belthazar Cape Town view lights ferris wheel
Exactly 2 hours later…Up NEPA…Sorry…UP ESKOM





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