Designer & Muse – Eku Edewor and Jewel by Lisa are a Fashion Couple Made in Heaven


It’s a humid day in Ikeja, Lagos and I’m resuming my first day on the set of 53 Extra, one of Nigeria’s biggest lifestyle shows. Still trying to navigate my first day as a stylist assistant, I bump into the show’s star, Eku Edewor, sitting on the floor in a corner, going to town on a plate of Ewa Agoyin and bread. This is my first introduction to the glamorous and super talented, Eku Edewor.

Over the years, Eku Edewor has worn many hats – TV host, actor, red carpet host, reality tv star (she was on the British version of Tyra Bank’s Next Top Model), beauty spokesperson and entrepreneur. But one thing that has remained consistent over the years, is her unwavering love for fashion and her eclectic style.

It would be a travesty to compile a list of the best-dressed women in Nigeria and not have Eku on the top 5. Her modelesque frame has made it easy for Eku to slip into sample size pieces right off the runway, making her a designers dream. Even designers like Tsemaye Binite and Tiffany Amber who are very particular about the celebrities they dress, can’t say no to Eku Edewor. Why you might ask? Well, it’s easy, google Eku’s name and come back if you found one picture where she didn’t pull off an outfit.

While Eku has been spotted in all the big names in fashion, one of her biggest loves remains, Lisa Folawiyo’s Jewel by Lisa. The two have struck a fashion friendship that has lasted over the years, starting from Eku’s first days as a co-host on 53 Extra. Looking at all the looks both parties have created over the years with Eku as a constant muse, I won’t be surprised if Eku’s Jewel By Lisa collection rivals Lisa’s personal collection someday.

Eku’s MO which revolves around not shying away from bold colors, prints, and quirky cuts, was even picked up by Vogue. These fashion traits are in line with what Jewel by Lisa has done since it started out from the trunk of Lisa Folawiyo’s car.

“No one wears Jewel by Lisa like Lisa”, while this saying is true, Eku Edewor is undoubtedly a close second.

Here are some of our favorite Eku x Jewel by Lisa style moments.



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