Diversity is not a Trend


To be a supermodel means to embody an era; to lend not just a face and figure but a voice to what’s going on. It’s why we fell in love with people like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington — muses who were as close as family and thick as thieves, and brought Girl Power to the runway. We admired them for their honesty, their aggressive personalities, their ability to fuse fantasy with reality, and their respect for the craft. But the industry has changed, these days there’s another community of rising models like none before them: They’re brave, they’re diverse, and they know how to sell clothes. That they’re transgendered is not the point but it definitely matters. And it doesn’t have to be recognized by the influence of controversies, instead by diversity and acceptance.

We’re in the middle of some revolutionary shift in our culture, and models have been vocal about keeping the industry honest and pushing it forward. From calling out racial inequality and sexual harassment, to confronting body shamers, and turning their platforms into political stages, they’re not afraid to fight for justice and to not take no for an answer.

After several seasons that saw an increasing number of transgender models on the catwalk — from 12 to 45, during spring 2018, transgender visibility is increasing, it’s all but clear and though their stories are different, they all possess an honest investment in where fashion is going, and how their presence in the industry contributes to the culture at large.  “It shouldn’t be a trend to be diverse — it should be incorporated into the industry as a whole, and that’s something the industry hasn’t fully grasped yet”; says Maxim Magnus, a role model for the transgender community. Maxim added “That you don’t become trans and that it’s not a choice. I don’t expect people to understand what we’re going through, but the least people can do is respect us for what we have to go through, as we didn’t choose this path.”

Just like other minority groups, whether its a group separated by their skin color, hair texture, sexual preference or nationality, diversity should not be a trend. It should be the norm, an established way of life.



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