DIY With Ghags – Faux Fur Sandals

Happy Sunday and thanks for the awesome feedback on my debut post! Apparently team DIY is large! Now let us get to today’s, shall we?
So, this fur trend was really big last year and I have been meaning to recreate it. Maybe I am a little late, but I am certain the party is not over yet.
For this DIY,
You need:
DIY With Ghags Fur Sandals
– a pair of sandals (preferably with a thin front strap)
– a pair of scissors
–  ‎gum ( I use uhu gum)
– fur/feather (Got this from the tailoring materials section at Lagos market)
 How To:
This particular DIY is pretty much straight forward and easy.
-Measure the length of the strap in order to know how much fur to cut.
-Cut the fur to your desired taste.
-Apply gum to the strap.
-Place your fur on the gum and with a finger press it down to make sure it is properly glued to the sandals.
DIY With Ghags Fur Sandals 4
DIY With Ghags Fur Sandals 3
Voila! You now have a pretty ‘newish’ shoe.
DIY With Ghags Fur Sandals 8
DIY With Ghags Fur Sandals 7
DIY With Ghags Fur Sandals 6
DIY With Ghags Fur Sandals 5
How would you rock these sandals? Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Ojo Gagu Anthonia fondly called Ghags is a Doctor of 0ptometry. When she is not looking into eyes, she is a fashion enthusiast and DIY ninja. She is on twitter as @ogaggs and Instagram @gha_gs



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