DJ vs Live Bands – Who Would Help Your Reception Totally Not Suck?


Music is the heart and soul of a wedding. It can be said that it can either make or break a wedding celebration. A lot of couples usually go back and forth on whether to opt for a DJ or a live band. Dealing with this question often leads couples to reflect on the pros and cons of either. After all said and done, it still boils down two major parts of wedding planning; budget and taste.

Generally, there is the perception that DJs are budget friendly. But you should bear in mind that prices are easily subject able to change. Some branded Djs could be pretty expensive compared to the presence of a live band but never forget that the roles could be vice-versa.

There is the case of vibes. Whatever vibe you are going for at your wedding, plays a huge role. For example, if you’re heading for the highlife vibe, then a live band will most likely be suitable as they will do justice to it.

But the issue of music variety easily comes up. The live bands are only limited to the songs  they can perform (which could range from 20-30 songs) unlike a DJ, who is not limited and could easily switch from the classics to the currents. Guests always want varieties of songs that would draw them to the dance floor. Nothing whisks away a man or a lady from his or her chair, than their favorites.


But what happens when the music stops? We all know break intervals usually pop up with the use of live bands. No one can sing for hours and hours, non-stop. This is another way that the DJ is an added advantage. He or she keeps the music going, if possible all night long.

Despite all, you and your partner has the final say. Always endeavor to always see a DJ or a live band in action before making your decision. This will enable you to gauge firsthand. Also. never forget to compare prices with their other contemporaries in the industry before signing off on any.

Perhaps, you could just do both, especially when money isn’t really a problem.




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