Donald Glover the Style Maverick


Firstly, let me clear the air by saying that; No one wears a suit better than Donald Glover, case closed.

This guy might never cease to amaze me with everything he does. I’m talking music, movies and fashion. At the moment, his fashion style is to die for, if he puts on just a shirt with pants, boom, mind blowing. He’s much known for his comfortable style and is usually seen in 70s style outfits with big and bold silhouettes. He can take a style from the 70s and still make everyone want to indulge in it, his current style is what gets me, it’s a suit without a shirt. Almost everyone wears suit, and wearing a suit without a shirt isn’t a first either, but when worn by the Childish Gambino, it’s not just clothes anymore, it’s a character in itself.

Most recently, he wore a Dior Spring 2019 Collection Suit on the red carpet at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball event in New York. Glover chose the occasion to don a double-breasted suit, sans shirt and chest hair on full display. This nothing-inside-your-suit look was a popular trend on the Spring/Summer ’19 runway and he somehow made it look good as if there was nothing out of place. This is one of the very rare men who dares fashion.

How does he do it?

Glover has found something that suits him, and mastered it, he goes left-field. He dabbles with color, he enlists pieces that trigger a wince on the hanger, but wonder when worn within a cohesive outfit. Donald is certainly at the top of his game and totally dressing like it.

If you’re not totally following me, I suggest you go see his character in ‘Solo a Star Wars Story’ He literally wrecked the movie with style and charisma, everyone needs to possess a little bit of his juice.


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