Everyone Has Got Their Sexual Fetish, These Ones Are Baring It All


As I sat in the office bouncing off ideas during our strategy session , out of the blue the word fetish came to mind. Being the every bubbly team, I decided to ask around and get ideas. The minute the question, what everyone’s sexual fetish was asked, I got mind-blowing responses and just like that, a post was born. 

A fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree a particular act, object or body part.It is also integral to one’s arousal and orgasm.

Refusing to do the conventional post on random fetishes I had found on the internet , I asked a few people and you would be surprised what lies out there.

J: I love to bite, more like nibble.  I am one of those people who love to part ways with you leaving hickeys all over. I also love to be kinky. I am a control freak naturally, so when it comes to sex, I like to be on the other side. Being bound means I cannot control what is being done to me, just sitting there helpless and unable to flip him over arouses me. Another thing that gets me is inserting kegal balls in me for a few hours, when you walk around, the ticklish feeling is mind-blowing as  I can feel balls move and bump against each other and the best part is you cannot take out so its builds momentum. When he finally take out one pebble after the other, 9th cloud, here I come.

sexual fetishes - being tied

A: One of my biggest fetishes is having my face sat on in such a way that my tongue has access to her, while the woman dominates me  grabbing my hair and rubbing her over my face.I like the feel of her pubic hair on my beard, it just makes everything extra.  I also like the feel of putting my hands in her panties and hovering over the hair – not a jungle o-  I could lie there, my hands in her panties just stroking the hair and fall asleep.

Sexual fetishes - rolling eyes

F: I love to scratch! Especially when I am close to climaxing, it just means he is doing a great job and it helps me climax. I also cannot do without twisting nipples, I like to see the pleasure in his eyes when my fingers are on it.

C: I am a giver, I love to pleasure. On of my fetishes is working my way through her thighs with ice in my mouth, The chill from the ice and warmth of my tongue always gives conflicting feelings which just makes it much better.

sexual fetishes

U: I love kissing without touching, the feeling is insane.

M: My sexual fetish has to be being spanked. it is almost like my acceleration button, and it sends me straight to climax.

D: Lingerie is definitely my thing. I don’t know if it is the fabric but it just gets me all the time. I find it arousing how she is covered yet so open , I can just stare at her all day in them especially if it is lace.

fetishes - feature image

K: I love massages, its almost like role play, I am the masseuse and she is a client. I start with massaging her body and then I work my way to her thighs and then feet. I find feet very fascinating, so I always nibble a little on the toes before kissing my way back to her.

sexual fetishes nipples


You think yours gets weirder than this? I await your response in the comment session. 





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