Fashion Brand Ejiji Africa Debuts with Maiden Collection


There’s a new fashion brand in town – it’s Ejiji Africa! 

Dressing transcends the need to “cover up.” It’s a form of self-expression. There are facets of who you are in what you wear. People build perceptions about you from your appearance.  

Ejiji Africa is a proudly Nigerian unisex ready-to-wear and bespoke fashion brand. We take pride in our rich African heritage. Every piece of ours is a mobile billboard that showcases the beauty abound in the motherland. 

Speaking about the brand, Creative Director Ejiji Africa, Chris Odogwu, explains that the brand name means Beauty of Africa. According to him: “what you wear is your presentation to people at first sight. It precedes what you say or do. At Ejiji Africa, we assist our clients in making good lasting impressions. Everyone deserves to look good without breaking the bank.”


Brand @ejijiafrica

Shop the collection on

Models @priscillajustus and @silva_nkwocha

Makeup @ro_semary2094

Styling and creative direction @chris_odogwu

More pictures from the collection:



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