How to Flat Twist Out Natural Hair for a Full, Healthy and Curly Look


One of my favorite contestants in the Big Brother Naija 2018 house is Anto. I like her for a lot of reasons I would not be getting into here, but one major point was her full, curly and healthy hair. One one of their many discussions she announced that she achieved it with a flat twist out, and I completely loved the look of it.

I’ve always wondered why it’s so difficult to achieve this full-blown curly look here (Nigeria) as just about the only people I can spot wearing it are either black internationals or expatriates from here, at some point I just concluded there must be something in the water there, but apparently it isn’t. I guess, I had just been looking in the wrong places for direction. Here’s a tutorial by You Tube Vlogger, Cool, Calm and Curly that should help if you have the same dilemma;



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