For The Life Of Mimi – Bold & Sweet


You may already know that I’m all about the way an ensemble makes me feel on the inside but if you don’t, that’s okay, I’ll tell you again.  I like to put on an outfit and immediately feel a distinct emotion, which sets the tone for my demeanour the entire day (or not, but I like to think clothing is that powerful).

What’s even better is feeling a hybrid of emotions and that’s what I got this time. It wouldn’t be the first time and hopefully not the last. In this case, what was supposed to be a bold look was made sweet by one little detail – Bell Sleeves!

Mimi Onalaja SV

When I envisioned this look, I knew it would be bold with the combination of my hair colour,  makeup and short form fitting skirt -however, the bell sleeves on the blouse and in that gorgeous fabric too totally sweetened it up.

Mimi Onalaja SV 2

Mimi Onalaja SV 4

Mimi Onalaja SV 5

Mimi Onalaja SV 1


I loved all the details on this look!

For the life of Mimi Total Shop Wigs

Mimi Onalaja SV 6

Fablane by Derin

Mimi Onalaja SV 8


Now get this – this look is courtesy Fablane by Derin and is a sneak peek into her brand new collection, soon come; and because I’m such an FBD girl at heart, I get to preview/sample/pre-experience a few of the pieces! Who knows, I might even get something named after me (note to Derin)! I’m definitely excited!

Mimi Onalaja SV 3



Photography: Olanrewaju V Photography

Blouse and Skirt: Fablane by Derin

Hair Unit: Total Shop Wigs

Make Up: Leylah for LeylarhCadne







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