For The Life Of Mimi – Shorting It Down


On Wednesday, I woke up feeling tired (well, more like lazy) but I got up and decided to check in at the StyleVitae HQ.  Putting on makeup is one chore (yes, I said chore) that I do not look forward to, as much as I love the after-effect, so what my tired state meant was a totally makeup-free day. Imagine my delight when I got to SVHQ and realised I could attend the launch of Inglot’s new AMC Cream Foundation, submit my face to test it and leave with makeup on…naturally I jumped at it!

I happened to be wearing an oversized vintage inspired shirt and a pair of shorts which was perfect, threw on a pair of kitten heeled sandals, which I stole from my mum and had lying around in the car, and I was ready to go!

Before some Inglot-y goodness…I woke up like this


The very first thing that caught my eye when I walked into the Inglot store was this makeup spread. Talk about a colour burst!



I loved the foundation – it was light on my skin but with impressive coverage, perfect for everyday wear. I will definitely be scoring myself a bottle or two, plus some other makeup goodies I discovered.


After some Inglot-y goodness…I did not wake up like this, sadly.


Friday was a relatively busy day for me; a meeting plus a few errands, with the day culminating in some retail therapy with my mum. My outfit of choice was this two-piece printed shorts set by Fablane by Derin. Bless my mum for indulging me in a quick photo session at the mall.




Full length mirror…couldn’t resist!


On Sunday, I attended the Emmaus Luxury Skincare Line launch event at Maison Farenheit and had a really good time. I decided on, once again – you guessed it – shorts! Specifically, another two-piece set by Fablane by Derin. I’m definitely a ‘Fab’ girl. During the event, I snuck off for a quick photo fix with my fashion friends of the day (hi Bev and Liz!).





And that, my dear friends, was how I ‘short’ down the week! (Yes, pun definitely intended!)





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