A Full Yellow Sun


I think we can all agree that we need a lil bit of sunshine right now (especially Lagos Island citizens, haha). I remember praying for rain and dull weather a couple of weeks ago when the sun was so mean and wouldn’t let me shine (all I did was cringe and sweat). Now all I do is sit still and pray for a sunny day, even if it’s just a tiny wee bit.

Though we have no control over the weather (only Baba OlowoGbogboro does), we still of course can put a little shine in our day.

The yellow mustard colour is one very bright spot which could add the much needed shine, and lucky for us it’s really in now and has been for a while.

Did I just hear a “but yellow isn’t my colour though”, well babes you could make it work for you. It doesn’t matter your skin tone or body type, mustard could be just your colour if you let it.

If you just want to be low key but still have the mustard bright sunny day potential, you could go a shade or two darker or wear it in muted tones and patterns like floral or stripes.


Or just accessorize with sunny great looking shoes and if in really murky and grey weather what better way to brighten up than throwing on that yellow scarf to shine through.

But if you like to go all out, wear it unabashed experiment, blend and be wild. Pair one yellow piece with another, maybe bright and dark tones or even with other bright colours.


It doesn’t matter what your style is, there is a mustard outfit with your name on it.




Ladies, ladies need I say more? Remember, a bright sunny mood means a bright sunny gurl, and you know how we run the world yeah? Deductively, it equals a bright sunny world!


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