Game Changers – Meet the Viral Teens From Kaduna Who Caught the Attention of Star Wars Director


Creativity is everywhere in Nigeria. From genre-bending musicians taking over the airways and streams to non-conforming designers getting international recognition and credit in magazines like Vogue. The talent in Nigeria continues to break new grounds and place the country on the global map of entertainment.

A recent example of such resilient talent and innovativeness can be seen in the works of a group of teens from Kaduna who went viral for their VFX heavy short films on YouTube.

The self-taught group who learnt all their tricks from YouTube special effects tutorial videos have made the best with the little they had, saving up to buy green fabric which they have used as a makeshift green screen for their short films. Another remarkable thing to note is the fact that they shoot all their work with a regular smartphone (not even an iPhone). They have constantly pushed themselves to be more experimental and innovative, which is evident when you look at the progress starting with their first short, Redemption and their most recent work, Z: The Beginning.

These teens have not only gotten the attention of the internet and their state governor, but they’ve also gotten the attention of major filmmakers. Kemi Adetiba who gave them a shoutout once also started a fundraising campaign on their behalf, which has racked in about $6,000 so far. Star Wars and Super 8 director, JJ Abrams, has also commended their work after actress and director, Olivia Wilde (Booksmart, Tron: Legacy) drew his attention to their shorts.

While all this attention has definitely pushed them into the spotlight. It is imperative that everything doesn’t die here. These talented group needs to be nurtured and trained properly to help them unlock their incredible potential because let’s face it, Nollywood needs all the help it can get.



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