Getting Ready For Skin SZN? These are the FitFam Gurus You Should be Following


Let me be the first to say it, working out can be quite a chore. I mean, it doesn’t matter how you schedule it, whether you’re forcing yourself to get out of bed super early to have a morning workout session, or dragging an already tired body to the gym after a long day, the addition of a workout session to an already stacked day is really stressful.

Sofit Ng

Going by all of this, I’m sure just like me you’ve been forced to ask yourself, “Why? Why do I put myself through all of this?” The truth is, a large faction of millennials who hit the gym don’t do it for health reasons, we do it to look good, and even though it seems vain, it doesn’t make it any less valid.

Looking good is good business like Toke Makinwa will say “Investing in your glow up is important if you want to be successful”. The very first impression you give off to a stranger, comes from how you look, and who knows if that stranger will be your next plug to securing the bag?

While social media can arguably be described as the downfall of our generation, we can’t deny the benefits it offers so readily, on a daily basis. Instagram especially, has become a lifestyle and fashion hub with countless designers and fitness enthusiast sharing ideas and tips.

Like we said before, it’s officially skin szn, so it’s time to start wearing less and going out more. Even though it kicked off at the beginning of this month, it’s not too late to board this flight and we’ve got a couple of people to help you on this journey.

Sandra Okeke aka @sofit_ng

There’s a popular misconception that women who actually lift weights, aren’t sexy. If there’s one person who puts this whole thing to bed, it’s Sandra Okeke. With a YouTube channel and Instagram filled with tips on wellness and workout routines, Sandra is someone you should be following, even if you’re a guy.

Somto Cody Akanegbu aka @frblifestyle

From his supporting role on RedTV’s The Men’s Club, to his Oud Majestic endorsement, and this year’s $220 scandal, Somto is somewhat of a social media celebrity in his own rights. With arms as big as the head of an adult male in his 30s, it doesn’t come as a surprise that outside his personal page, Somto decided to launch an instagram page dedicated to fitness.

Suzanne Brume aka eightsnweights

It doesn’t matter if you’re into yoga, hiking, running, biking or a regular gym session, Suzanne has got you covered. The New York based fitness expert and outdoor lover, should be your go-to for exciting new workout routines.

Obinna Udora aka @fitnigeria

How can you not trust someone who successfully whipped Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Richard Mofe-Damijo into the best shapes of their lives? Since moving back to Nigeria, Obinna has built his company and clientelle through literal sweat and countless squats. This is why we trust his Instagram page to inspire us on those days when we need a little jolt of energy, to hit the gym.



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