Getting Red Carpet Ready With Toni Tones


We all know dressing up sometimes is a lot of work (especially for women, there’s just a lot more to to get sorted). Whats even harder is getting ready for a red carpet event; From dress, to hair, to shoes, makeup and accessories, all have to be top notch especially if you don’t want to end up looking uninvited at the event.

Celebrities have it easier because they can afford the services of a stylist at their beck and call, ready to make sure they look great at these red carpet events. What then happens to us “commoners” who cannot afford the services of a stylist? We draw inspiration from these celebrities who can really do no wrong on the red carpet.

Actor, Musician and award-winning photographer; Gbemi Anthonia Adefuye popularly known as “Toni Tones” is certainly one of those people who get it right every time on the red carpet.With the help of her stylist blended wit her personal style, Toni Tones always brings it to the carpet. From long flowing dresses, to suits of different colors and textures, she has proven to be a red carpet guru and we’ll be taking a few lessons from her.

Here are 5 moments Toni Tones was a complete knock out on the red carpet; who knows we might learn a thing or two;

  1. Who says you can only wear dresses on the red carpet?

Toni Tones attended the recently concluded Soundcity MVP awards looking like a bag of money in this two-piece by Lanre Dasliva Ajayi; which was undeniably a huge trend last year. I personally loved how she accessorized this look; she went for gold which was great choice and kept the accessories as minimal as possible because sometimes, less is more. The lady bug Lapel pin gave this outfit a very chic look and brought it all together. Her hair and makeup also look properly done. I’m positive by now, your jotters are out.

2. Come out and shine? No Problem

She shined ever so brightly in this Bibi Lawrence sequined dress at the King Of Boys movie premiere in which she was a major cast; she killed her role, I must add. Just like the first outfit, she kept her accessories, hair and makeup minimal so the attention doesn’t shift from the dress (or the body in the dress *drools*). The nude colored draping is a perfect touch from the designer; as the dress doesn’t look bare. I really hope you are taking notes people!

3. The Lady in red

Just like the classic by Chris De Burgh, I’ve never seen her looking as lovely as she did that night at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA), in this Yemi Shoyemi number. Speaking first hand, I saw her walk down the red carpet and the song lady in red kept playing in my head. From her hair, to the highlights in her makeup that catches her eyes, I definitely wanted to be dancing with her that night. This dress on Toni Tones is an epitome of elegance.

4. When you find “that” designer, stick with her (or him)

Your overall look is only as good as how your clothes are made. Toni Tones possibly made every best dressed list you could think of for the AMVCA’s 2017 with this look. I guess this birthed a beautiful partnership with designer Yemi Shoyemi as she designed her outfit for the following year (the red dress above) and made the best dressed list again. Its quite rare to find a designer that understands your body, when you do, NEVER let them go.

5. Boss lady

This Mazelle Studio suit was her first look for the King Of Boys movie premiere. With the theme being gangster royalty, this look certainly screams i’m rich AF! Guess what it had a cape.

Now that’s Gangster

Toni Tones has proven to be a red carpet badass. My question is, were you taking notes?


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