Gigi Hadid Flaunts Her Flawless Face In Elle Canada’s November Issue


Top model, Gigi Hadid, gives us fun and sexy vibes on the cover of the November 2015 issue of ELLE Canada. Shot by fashion photographer Max Abadian, Gigi dishes on modelling, criticism about her appearance and her girl squad of equally famous and successful models in the cover story.

Gigi-Hadid-Elle-Canada-2015-november 01

When asked what the secret is to taking a good picture, the 20 year old stunner shared “You learn what looks good. And then, sometimes, you can turn the tables and only do things you know make you look good so you’re always happy with what comes out. You learn what things to think about to make your eyes light up.”

Gigi  Hadid recently received a lot of criticism concerning her curves and body which are not typical for a model and took to Instagram to respond.

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On the cover Gigi wears a crop-top with her name cut out on the front.  In the spread we see the rest of the look as well as the model posing in a metallic long sleeved dresses, one with a plunging neckline, the other with a turtleneck. She also serves major face with several stunning beauty shots.

Gigi-Hadid-Elle-Canada-2015-november 1

Gigi-Hadid-Elle-Canada-2015-november 4

Gigi-Hadid-Elle-Canada-2015-november 6

Gigi-Hadid-Elle-Canada-2015-november 3

Gigi-Hadid-Elle-Canada-2015-november 5

Gigi-Hadid-Elle-Canada-2015-november 7

Gigi-Hadid-Elle-Canada-2015-november 9

Gigi-Hadid-Elle-Canada-2015-november 2

Gigi-Hadid-Elle-Canada-2015-november 8


Watch the behind the scenes action in video of the shoot below.



Makeup – Maybelline New York, Grace Le

Art Direction – Elle Canada Brit Eccles

Beauty Direction – Elle Canada Vanessa Craft

Fashion Direction – Elle Canada Juliana Schiavinatto






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