Girl Code – How To Raid Your Boyfriend’s Closet


Ladies always want a piece of clothing from that special someone to always keep them feeling close to him, and what better (or more stylish) way can you feel his presence while away than stealing a pair of jeans, shorts, t-shirts or a jacket?

Men love seeing their significant ones in little or no clothing when they have sleep overs, so raiding his closet is really only natural. When he is in the living room working or playing video games creates the best opportunity to take advantage of his closet.

Change into one of his tees or shirts you have always admired on him and strut out of the bedroom, create a little bit of distraction by kissing him on the forehead and then walking away, it leaves him feeling happy and blessed for having you in his life and by morning all he can remember is what transpired those happy feelings and not what you are wearing presently, so you end up leaving with that nice top!

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Always ask for something more comfortable to change into when you arrive athis abode. He’ll either give you the liberty of choosing what to wear or pick it out himself, but always suggest you do the choosing. Now he thinks you are just going to wear a pair of briefs and a plain tee, but no.  This is the moment when you make a smart move and reach for what you’ve had eyes on for quite a while and put it on, he will definitely asks if you feel comfortable wearing those jeans or baggy shorts, but you give him all the excuses you can think of in other to keep those jeans on. Now you have included a pair of boyfriend jeans to your stash of clothes!

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Then, even when the weather isn’t cold, ask for a jacket. They will come up with the “oh baby come over here let me keep you warm” talk but don’t fall for that s***, walk straight into the bedroom, throw on his Adidas jacket or a blazer if you’re going for a smarter “boyfriend” look.

Now its time for you to go home and he gets up to grab the pair of keys to his car, don’t even dare taking of that jacket if you want to end up keeping it. While he drives you home, distract him with sweet gossip and voila! You would end up walking into your apartment a proud owner of a new boyfriend jacket!

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At the end of the day you have dressed yourself from head to toe in all the things you ever wanted from his closet. Girl Code!


Enjoy your sleep over!





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