Goosebumps?! 4 Signs You’ve Caught Feelings

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Love is a beautiful thing, it’s SV again!

Okay maybe the D’banj intro was a bit much, but seriously people love is a beautiful thing so don’t fight it when you are experiencing these signs. Whether you are just casually talking, trying to figure out if there’s a ‘spark’ or even head-over-heels, sell-my-soul for them, deep in love.


And sincerely it’s usually tough to accept you have feelings for a person, but it’s best you are certain you have those feelings before you determine the next line of action.

Fortunately, there are  few signs to identify a real feeling;

Goosebumps 1: The Psychology test

This test is very simple. In fact, you shouldn’t get anything less than A in this test if you are completely honest. The test involves someone asking you the question “Who do you like/love”, Psychologist believes that the first person you think of in your mind is the person you actually like. Before you process a suitable reply to give the person, that is, if you are trying to hide your feelings. So feel free to ask your friends or be honest when asked, because the answer is someone who you truly hold dear to your heart.

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Goosebumps 2: You’re yourself when you’re around the person

Let’s be sincere. Most times there is that person that when you are around the person you are so comfortable and relaxed that you act in ways you would normally not behave with other people or another person. It goes so deep that you begin to tell the person deep personal information like you have been best friends since childhood. Well let me be the first to spell it out for you, “YOU HAVE FEELINGS FOR THAT PERSON” and I would suggest you open up before it’s too late.

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Goosebumps 3: Jealousy when the person is around with another individual

It’s very natural for individuals to get jealous when they aren’t getting enough affection from someone they are supposed to get affection from (In a relationship), however, it’s questionable when your jealous cause “Your FRIEND” is with another person that they consider a friend and they are having a conversation. You start getting curious like “what are they talking about that he/she cannot discuss with me”. All I can say at this point is “WAKE UP! YOU LIKE THAT PERSON”.

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Goosebumps 4: Agitation when you see no reply

So you both are texting now and for some reason, you see no reply, maybe because the individual slept off and now you can’t sleep off because you haven’t seen a reply. But rather you’re asking yourself; Is he/she okay? Did he/she have a shower before sleeping? Lol, excuse me ma/sir you are so in love with that person. And tell the person quickly before someone takes your space and you’re filled with regret that you didn’t shoot your shot. Okay, maybe you could say its SV’s fault for not showing you how to shoot your shot. We apologize and expect it next week.

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Well, there you have it the amazing Style Vitae Fam. Don’t be shy to express your feelings (last last it’s to take your L and move on) and if it doesn’t work out there are a lot of fishes in the sea.

Asides that Cheers to the weekend!


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