Groom Suiting and Doom Bearing Myths


You dare not see your groom’s wedding suit! Your eyes will fall out! Nah, I’m just kidding! But still, myths say that it is bad for the bride to see her groom’s wedding suits before the D-day. But I’ve got a lot of ‘buts’ with this myth and I’m just about to tell you why.

Few years back, I sat in a hall with a nagging headache of the hideous contrasting colors that sat right in front of me. It was all shades of wrongs and I’m pretty sure that if the poor cameras could talk, they would literally be screaming. Chima was getting married to his university sweetheart and as a loyal friend who was now family, I was opportune to be part of the wedding planning process. A young boy whose parents strongly thrived on superstition was against the bride tagging along for groom fittings. Unfortunately, that bore its own consequences.

Usually, most brides are keen on tagging along for groom fittings for so many different reasons. Why? The groom’s suit is usually coordinated to match or compliment the groom’s men and bridesmaids outfit. Unlike the wedding gown, which makes a statement on its own.

Now, I know you’re about to say that they both could talk about the color combos. But really, with the advent of the various color combinations (fuschia pink, turquoise blue, teal green), how many men really know all these colors. Even the ladies who are usually privy to some of this color stuff do not have it totally figured out yet (Or maybe it’s just me). Just talking about it may lead to what I like to call a ‘confusion in transmission’ which is s recipe for a disastrous suiting arrangement.

Additionally, even though the groom’s suit should be low key it still needs to complement the wedding gown. Few men have knowledge of fashion mostly, so it’s essential that the bride and wedding planner of course comes along for the groom’s fittings. But regardless of the countless reasons women give, breaking the myth, happens to be one thing we are good at, and so far, it’s safe to say there have been no recorded casualties, but for all the right reasons.

Do you think it’s wise to break the myths?



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