How They Wore – Seyi Shay, Ezinne Chinkata & Ozinna Anumudu In The Emmy Kasbit Pant Suit


Three ladies, one pant suit – except they’ve all got it going on in different colour ways. We spotted music sensation, Seyi Shay, fashion stylist, Ezinne Chinkata, and StyleVitae’s Zina Anumudu rocking the skousers set from Emmy Kasbit.

Ezinne, the first of the three to be seen in the outfit, has actually worn hersa couple times, styling it a little differently. Once with a black shirt and “traditionalized” with a black Gele  and then with a crisp white shirt and gold clutch.

ezinne chinkata



Seyi Shay donned her suit in a dark floral pattern, styling it with black cami and white sandals  then switching it up with a white shirt and black heels, to perform at A UNICEF event.

Seyi Shay

seyi shay 1


Finally, Zina wore hers on the set of EbonyLife TV’s Wardrobe Diaries.




Which skouser suit look is your favourite?



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  1. Seyi shay’s stylist is brain dead when it comes to fashion if I must say. Zinkata I don gerrit!!! Zina rocked it better! Less is more! U rock girl.

  2. Not because I like you but on this one Zina wore it best and it would actually make one want to try it out. On Ezinne, she truly is not easy on the eyes so as a stylist she should know experimental styling of herself does not work and as for Seyi she succeeded in ruining it

  3. I loved Zina’s best, but Ezinne’s second look wasn’t so bad either. Seyi shay’s in the other hand is a sham

  4. Zina defs SLAYED this look. Ezinne’ first look, yh the gele made her lose cool points. & the second, the shirt was just wrong. Please can we get Seyi Shay her perfect fit for once?! Oh & please burn her weave while you’re at it.

  5. I like the way Ezinne wore hers with gele, Ezinne’s style is eclectic so we cnt understand her all the time. Ozy is always the fresh air of a summer morning.


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