Interested in Influencing? Here’s What You Need to Know


In the world of social media accounts, influencing is the new career path and earning money while having fun is the goal. Many people want to be influencers, the life looks very glamorous; I mean, people live for what you have to say, they listen every time you say or recommend stuff, you always get free products, you’re invited to uptown and exotic places, Brands are spending huge amounts of money to get your opinion and so many other niceties attached, so whats not to love right?

Yea, who doesn’t want freebies and an easy well paying job right? But that’s really not the case. Well, if becoming an influencer really makes sense for you (and we’ll talk about that too), then at least be a successful one with a steady flow of income.

For you to be a successful influencer and get paid doing the job, you need to understand what influencing is all about? What you to influence, and particularly why you want to be an influencer? Many people became influencers not because they had a vision or idea of influencing but rather because they have huge followings and automatically fee the need to generate money off their follower-ship.

First, you need to understand what the term influencer is?

An influencer is a person who influences people of a certain area, location or niche and is not limited by the number of social media followership he or she has. An influencer could be a celebrity, a professional, instructor, reality TV star, a fashion star or icon, a person with great style skill and sense or a popular figure in the digital space or someone who has a knack for creating intriguing imagery. With this said, it is not by how many people you’ve got following you but how much engagement you have with the people around, engaged demographic, content quality and other metrics. 

There are several means of influencing but social media is the growing popular one, Instagram to be precise is the most popular social media influencing platform. If the growing popularity of influencers has made you consider becoming one and you confused about how to proceed, then I advise that you read further.

The first thing to do when considering becoming an influencer is to chose a niche you’re passionate about. Something you’re familiar with, A niche that suits your personality. It has to be something you are very passionate about, else it will be incredibly difficult to fake the enthusiasm. It’s not something you think you can do because someone else is successful doing it. A path in which you have a good deal of knowledge and interest.  It could be that you’re very interested in fashion and you are always aware of the latest styles and trends, or maybe you are into fitness and have a fit body or are hoping to be fit, maybe you’re good at DIY, makeup, technology or even photography, you love taking pictures and are very good at editing. One thing you need to know is that your page and feed must correlate with what you’re influencing. You can’t be a makeup influencer and just have random funny people videos and just one or two makeup posts on your feed.

We have many Nigerian influencers in various fields, for example Kiitana and Ronke Raji are both travel and makeup influencers, it doesn’t have to be fashion.

Next thing is to be aware of the quality of your pictures. It might seems so easy but if your pictures are not clear and detailed enough no matter the message you’re passing people might not interact with your posts and that won’t help your influencing career. But a high quality, non-pixelated, aesthetically-pleasing picture that inspires, educates or entertains people would definitely get the attention of a viewer. Even if it’s simply a like or just drop a comment. You need to invest to get good results, so if you don’t have a good camera then a decent smartphone will suffice. Pay attention to the lightening and composition of your pictures. Very important.

Once you have taken that into consideration, the next thing is to fine tune your page. You need to create a page that immediately catches a person’s attention the moment they stumble on your page. You should talk about your posts in a way that engages and provokes a reaction from your viewers and followers. Remember, these are things brands and potential followers note when on your account. So if you want to become an Instagram influencer, make it noteworthy. Remember that your instagram page has to be compelling and attractive.

As much as you have to share detailed pictures, you also have to use moving captions and captivating stories. The captions are as important as the photos themselves. Use your caption to tell your stories and connect with your followers on a personal and emotional level. As much as you need to share your story, make sure your stories are genuine and authentic. Also, you have to ensure that your instafeed is appealing. Apart from it been visually appealing, you need to choose your theme for your pictures so that all your pictures can look alike and look good against each other. Even if you edit your pictures, ensure it follows a certain pattern so that your page can have a unique feel to it. There are editing tools like lightroom, Instagram filters and the popular VSCO, but, just make sure that your photos are taken in high-resolution and plenty of light to make them look really good. Doing this makes your page appealing and aesthetically appealing.

Lastly, you need to post regularly depending on how relevant your niche is. Maybe several times a day, once a day or daily or few times a week but never leave your page unattended to. Studies shows that there is always an increase in your content posting frequency can boost your engagement rates. However you choose to schedule your post make sure you follow up religiously because the moment there is an alteration in schedule, there becomes a reduction in your engagement.

Set goals that are realistic and that you can follow through because an unrealistic goal that can’t be met is very harmful to your page. If you find it difficult to adhere to the set schedules, you can employ the help of certain tools like Preview, Ripl or Planoly. They help create content, set dates and automatically post the contents on those set dates.

Also, it might seem like hashtags don’t work but they sure do and are very important for your post. Since Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, I advice you make use of all them as long as they relate with your post and niche. You might be tempted to make use of hashtags with high volume but they are not good for you because your post will hardly be seen. So Instead, choose hashtags that have not too low search volumes and maximizes your chances of appearing in the top posts. Realistically, I advice you use a combination of hashtags varying in search volumes from above 10,000 to 1 million. But definitely, not more than a million.

Other points will mean you engage meaningfully, make use of Instagram story. It one of the biggest things on Instagram right now, many people make use of it, so why not. You can make use of the poll system on your story to get people opinion and also tag others on your Stories and give a shout out to other accounts. This is not only help build relationships but also helps grows your following Because those accounts most likely return the favor which means more exposure for you.

Don’t forget that you can’t become an influencer all of a sudden. If it was that easy, everyone that ever thought of being an influencer would be raking in millions, it is not easy. It takes a lot of patience, hard work and respecting the process. Notwithstanding, you will definitely get there and become a recognized one at that if you set your heart to it.




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