Issa Sharp girl!


The other day I was looking for synonyms with the phrase ‘you look really nice’ that could be expressed in pidgin and still sound cool (the reason for this is a whole other story for another day), so I checked out my new pal ‘the Urban dictionary’ and found that the word ‘Sharp’ would work just fine.

According to my pal it means when you or an object looks very nice and attractive. It’s not possible to live in Nigeria and not have gotten the compliment of ‘ baby, idikwa sharp’, if you don’t have any igbo friends then you may have gotten it from one or two of my brothers at yaba (lol, you know how we do).If you are a lazy girl perhaps this is not for you, If you are completely comfortable with your current image (that is, you’re not interested in being a sharp girl) then this is also not for you, but if you’re looking to revamp your look then this is totally for you.

I like to work with definitions so I with the aid of my pal would define a ‘sharp girl’ to be one who always looks nice and attractive.

Next comes the characteristics or features of a sharp girl:

  • Makeup on fleek (oshey oh baby! Haha couldn’t help it)
  • Hair always on point
  • Outfit always suitable and reeks of perfection (or something pretty close)

Whether makeup, hair or outfit, the key to being a sharp girl is enhancing your best features. When I think about some of the sharp girls or even guys I know, further probing brings to light that they are not perfect, as in body, face or hair perfect. But what I’ve realized is that the thing you notice first about them is not their flaw (which you only notice much later and only if you were looking), but the very best things about them. We all have certain flaws here and there, and while we aren’t ashamed of them, we also need to look and ‘feel’ our best.I have a sort of fascination with Hollywood high school movies, I know the storyline is always the same; one mean girl who rules the school and has the hottest looking boy, then there’s one nice average looking girl who is invisible till the mean girl stomps on her rights and she decides to revamp her image and takes over the school and la la la end of story. What I love most is the revamping, I find it absolutely awesome to see how just the right hairdo, makeup and outfit takes a person from ‘oww, imma  just pass through quietly and hope no one bothers me’ to ‘Imma run this’. We can deny it or not but how we look contributes a whole lot to our confidence level, yes, some of it has to come from within ourselves but looking great and loving it adds like 70%.This is no easy task but it’s also not very difficult. You could see it as just yet another chore, something that takes effort but must be done. So understanding your body very well is very important, cause once you do, dressing and looking well is a piece of cake.

Next is knowing your style, because everyone has a personal style whether they realize it or not. Find out if you’re the minimalistic girl, or for you more is more, what you’re comfortable looking like and what you’re not.Once this is done you need to go a-stalking. Lol, not the creepy kind, just stalk pages and sites of certified sharp girls and bloggers (like yours truly *wink*) whose style match yours and get tips, learn the basics and experiment. Experimenting is very important, else you’re just copying.Wearing suitable and appropriate outfits for whatever event is good too, no extra glamed up makeup to work and no work outfit to a glam event etcetera. Hair, makeup and outfit should be just right, if you do not know how to work this out, research, google is here for you.

Also practice makes perfect, so doing this frequently would help you get comfortable with the chore of being a sharp girl. Like I said if you’re lazy this is not for you because it does take effort and thought to be a sharp girl, but wouldn’t it be worth it if your peeps (those who really know you and love you) can proudly say, hey, there goes my sister girl, who is beautiful, kind, strong, hardworking and yhup, Issa sharp girl!


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