Jelena Peric Is All The Beauty Inspiration You Need


If you are looking for a versatile beauty blogger who does not just look very pretty and take lovely pictures, then Jelena Peric a.k.a Kim Kardashian look alike. 

The Croatian makeup artiste and beauty blogger is a beauty bombshell but she stands out for me because she does not just focus on being a makeup lover and connoisseur, she shares the process with which she achieves each look and even features some hair growth and styling tips which would come in handy with most women.

My favourite thing about her look is the different lippie she uses which just gives me ideas on how to wear a lip colour with eye makeup.

She is one of those bloggers you want to have a few snapshots of them in your gallery because she will certainly come in handy.

Jelena Peric 3

Jelena Peric 8

Jelena Peric 7

Jelena Peric 6

Jelena Peric 5

Jelena Peric 4

Jelena Peric 13

Jelena Peric 12

Jelena Peric 11

Jelena Peric 10

Jelena Peric 9

Jelena Peric 14






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