The Jidenna At Hardrock Cafe Concert Will Forever Be A Memorable One


When I heard about Jidenna coming to Nigeria, I was very excited as, for once, one of “our” celebrities in the diaspora is finally doing more to establish a fan base here.

As media partners we already had an early start at the venue and as I watched Jidenna do his sound check with his very enthusiastic band, I also observed the entire Hard Rock Cafe and Trace TV team try to pull together set. I knew it was going to be a good night.



9pm came faster than expected and the celebrities did not adhere to the usual ‘African time’, showing up right in time. Bolanle Olakunni was already having a good time hosting on the red carpet, Tomi had some celebrities take over our SnapChat, I started requesting pictures and thankfully celebrities were nice enough to grant me just enough.

I spent the better part of the night capturing images at the blue carpet waiting for Jidenna, the man of the night to show up so I wouldn’t miss it. I had to give up all the good stuff happening inside but Tomi made sure to capture some of it on our SnapChat.

After what seemed like a year of waiting for Jidenna to come on the blue carpet in my really hurtful heels, he finally made his grand entrance and the cameras were following him every step of the way. I had to find myself a fine spot under the armpit of a few photographers just to capture a great image of him as he did his exclusive interview on the red carpet with Trace TV.

jidenna 1



After, he headed straight to the stage where he started to serenade us with his songs. I have always loved Jidenna but I honestly felt a deeper connection immediately he climbed the stage. His energy was immense, his stage presence was amazing and the commitment and energy exuded from his entire band made me believe ‘If you have the right team, nothing is impossible’.




He performed his album and even though we did not know some of the songs, we sang along anyway after getting the rhythm. I had an edge because I was present at his sound check, so I vibed along to almost every song he performed.


Then Burna Boy came on stage and the crowd let loose! He performed his song Ya Wa Dey , and it seemed we were in music heaven for 5 mins.


Eventually Jidenna performed a few more of his songs and at around 1.30 am he called it a night and we all had to find our way home to prepare for yet another work day, Friday.

It was literally the  one of the best concerts I had attended in my life and I will certainly never forget how much energy he exuded on stage, how sleek a dancer he is, his emerald eyes every time he leaned to sing to the audience, and the amazing band that made it all look like a party as opposed to the concert it was.

The pictures and videos did not do justice to how turnt this event was and if you were not present, you certainly missed out of greatness.






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