Juliet Ibrahim’s Five Things This Week


Ghanian ex-model, actress and entrepreneur, Juliet Ibrahim is one beautiful woman. She has successfully planted herself in the entertainment and fashion industry owning a  beauty parlour:  Envoque Beauty Parlor; a boutique, House of Glamour; a modelling agency, Dolfins Agency and a production house, Jewelz Production. The beauty shares with us her favourite five things of the moment.

Miu Miu Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses


I went on a trip to South Africa Johannesburg  and as I walked into a certain Sunglasses Hut I had my eyes glued to these stunning Miu Miu shades. I didn’t bother asking for the price. I picked it up, wore it and told the lady to prepare my receipt immediately. All I had to do was swipe my card and honestly till date I don’t know how much it  cost me but I love it and I’ve been wearing it practically everyday since then.


Two Special Songs – 

Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do


I’m such a romantic and emotional person and from the moment I heard this Elie Goulding song I fell completely in love with it. I simply love the lyrics of the song as I believe that we all long for that one person that can make us lose ourselves against all odds. I have listened to this song every single day since I heard it and it’s the first on my daily playlist.


Juliet Ibrahim feat. Amon – Sholala


The second most played song on my playlist is my newest single Sholala  It’s not necessarily the best song I have done but I love it so much because it describes a typical me.  I can’t wait for the music video to drop.


Shattered Romance


I put my all into this project and it’s all I have spent my time on lately. I applaud my entire cast and crew for their handwork and making this project a success. The movie is so so engaging, unpredictable and suspense filled as I  have watched this movie about eighteen times and I don’t  see myself getting tired or bored of it.




I’m a huge fan of weight watching and dieting. Right now I am hooked on fruits most especially grape fruit. Grapefruit helps burn fat and although it’s so bitter, I can’t do without my daily consumption of it.


Globe Trotters

globe trotters

I’m a fashion lover and one thing that caught my eye last year was the Globe Trotter suitcases. I saw them in Harrods and had to make sure I got myself one in pink. I use them whenever I travel and they bring so much attention that it makes me feel like I got my money’s worth.



Images- www.fut-science.com, www.globetrutters1897.com



  1. comments beyond words to the one & only role Model in this entire world “Juliet Ibrahim…keep up the good work we your fans,well wishers ( i personally always wish ya more than the best),friends n relatives/Families… r solidly behind U. kudos to all your Endeavours & God’s grace always


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