Kate Middleton Is Proof That You Can Wear Your Favourite Pieces Again & Again!


Do you have that one picture which you look gorgeous in, that is lying fallow on your phone because just when you were about to post it on Instagram, you realized you already posted one in the same outfit before?

Trust me, I know the feeling. Social media has become a convenient canvass with which we paint a picture of a perfect life to the world(see me forming depth low-key sha) , it is very easy to find yourself in this situation, because you know, we don’t want people to assume we have few clothes or repeat clothes. But what if? Is it not your cloth?

Personally, even though there are clothes in my wardrobe that I very rarely wear, there are others which I wear veryyy often(I call them my Christmas clothes), because clothes are meant to be worn. That’s how you know I like a particular piece sef. If I wear it too many times, then I love it. Just make the mistake of telling me an outfit looks good on me, and watch me wear it till it gets faded or torn (in which case, I’m even getting inspired by Yeezy’s clothing line these days).

I have very often imagined how it is for celebrities (like what happens to all those pretty clothes we often see them albeit once), which is why I was excited when, while checking out pictures from 2016’s Royal Ascot, I realized that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton wore a Dolce and Gabbana dress which she had previously rocked! I did more research and found out that it was not the first time; infact, she quite often, repeats an outfit she has worn before!

Your hippocampus (the brain’s memory control centre) is probably coming alive with gist of Brits being akagum (tight-fisted) right now, that’s ok. At least, the oversabi British media will not say she spent their money on clothes.

I like the Duchess very much, her charisma, her style and now the fact that she is unafraid to re-rock her clothes (expensive or not) regardless of whether she is a public figure. So I have compiled some pictures of times she repeated outfits, sometimes, styled differently.

Take a look:

Kate Middleton Dolce And Gabbana Dress #1
Wearing a Dolce and Gabbana dress on Day 2 of Royal Ascot 2016(left), same dress with a red Zara coat during Royal Windsor Horse Show on the final night of the Queen’s 90th birthday(right)
Duchess Kate wore this blush pink Jenny Packham dress yesterday, 23rd June, 2016 during a gala dinner(left) after she debuted it during an dinner at Kensington Palace in June 2011(right)
Duchess Kate wore this blush pink Jenny Packham dress yesterday, 23rd June, 2016 during a gala dinner(left) after she debuted it during a dinner at Kensington Palace in June 2011(right)
Kate Middleton #2
She wore the same dress, same fascinator for her son, Prince George’s christening (left) and the Queen’s Garden Party (right)
Kate Middleton #7
The Princess wore same Orla Kiely dress for a visit to a school Art class in Oxford in 2012(left) and during a visit to charity in 2013(right)
Kate Middleton #8
She wore a pale pink Emilia Wickstead dress to a garden party at Buckingham Palace in May 2012(right) which she had worn, 11 days earlier to a reception in the Waterloo Chamber with Prince William (left)
Kate Middleton #9
She wore a blue dress with a blazer to 2012’s Wimbledon(left) and wore it again to National Portrait Gallery in the same year(right)
Kate Middleton #10
The Duchess Of Cambridge wore this cable-knit Alexander McQueen dress during their tour of North America in 2011(left) and repeated it exactly one year later to a Wimbledon appearance in 2012 (right)
Kate Middleton #21
In 2011, she wore this military-inspired Alexander McQueen outfit in Birmingham(left), and wore it three years later during a visit to Bletchley Park(right)
Kate Middleton 2012 Vs 2014 Alexander Mcqueen #5
This Alexander McQueen dress which she wore to the Royal barge Diamond Jubilee River Pageant in 2012 (left) was repeated in February 2014 (right)
Kate Middleton #4
She wore this leopard-print dress on a visit to a gallery in Margate, Kent, in 2015 (left), but had worn it when pregnant with George in Southampton in 2013 (right)
Kate Middleton #19
She wore This Tory Burch dress during their royal tour of Wellington, New Zealand in 2014(left) and wore it again during a visit to Harrow College in October 2015 (right)
Kate Middleton #6
Kate Middleton wore this Hobb’s dress during an Olympic event in 2012(left) and wore it again in Uluru, Ayers Rock, Australia(right)
Kate Middleton #3
She first wore this pleated Orla Kiely dress in 2012 during an engagement in Dulwich(left) and wore it again during a child mentoring programme in North London in 2015 (right)
Kate Middleton #12
She wore this Hobb’s Celeste coat on Valentine’s Day in 2012(left) to Brink Bar, Liverpool and wore it again during a visit to Grimsy in 2013(right)
Kate Middleton #17
She wore this red Luisa Spagnoli suit during a visit to her almamater, St. Andrews University in February 2011(left) and wore it again during a tour of New Zealand in 2014(right)
Kate Middleton #14
She wore the same ensemble to Olympic Park in 2013 (left) and in 2014 to sail with Team New Zealand at Viaduct Basin (right)
Kate Middleton #18
She wore this Emilia Wickstead coat dress during a royal tour of India and Bhutan(left) and also wore it to a ceremony in Edinburgh in 2012 (right)
Kate Middleton #16
She wore an ivory-coloured Roland Mouret dress during a private dinner in May 2012 (left) and later, to a film on the life of Nelson Mandela (right)

She has worn some, not just two, but three times!

Kate Middleton #15
She wore this Jenny Packham dress at a dinner in Kensington Palace in 2013 (left), to National Portrait Gallery, London in February 2014 (center) and in December 2014 during a a visit to New York(right).
Kate Middleton #20
She wore a Jane Troughton dress to a wedding in May 2006(left), another wedding in 2011(middle) and to the opening of London Paralympic Games in 2012
Kate Middleton #13
Kate Middleton wore a Temperley dress to the opening of War Horse in 2012 (left), to a fund-raising dinner also in 2012 (middle), then to the premiere of a film in December 2013(right)

Pray tell, if the  future Queen of England Duchess of Cambridge can wear an outfit more than once, how dare a mere mortal like I,  not?




Credits: Dailymail.co.uk, marieclaire.co.uk







  1. Most humble person. Naija ‘celebs’ will wear one outfit once and b like , first to comment and I will give u. Smh.


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