Kente and the Ghanaian Queens


Kente! The ‘basket weave‘African fabric which is native to the Ghanaians is one fabric statement that seems to be taking over. With its intricate designs, which still strikes a stylish balance with the colors, is one that makes every bride-to-be awe-worthy as she walks off to be married to her man.

So far, our eyes have been fed with different fashion stylists, influencers and couples slaying in the Kente. Every wedding ceremony seemingly doesn’t feel complete without the eminence of it.

The Ghanaian designers, such as Sima Brew, She By Bena, have actually got us swooning with their ingenious ways of recreating unique pieces fit for every queen.

See multiple Kente looks below;








You can’t be a Ghanaian queen if you’ve not been ‘kentelized”. Get on the bandwagon now.


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