Les Barbe


In French Barbe means beard (yeah, I just googled it), so this is a piece about the beard. But not quite though.

It’s quite surprising how the beard gang has grown into a massive movement, you don’t need to understand how, “that’s just the way it is” like the 2pac song. Anyways, what this goes to show is how much general belief in anything at all, is enough to draw people everywhere to one goal, in this case, growing a full and healthy looking beard.


I remember the hilarious mustache song in the movie  ‘a thousand ways to die in the west’, the song basically was saying that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have but if you don’t have a mustache, na there you go know say you aint worth shit (excuse my French). That comes from the Lady Tickler himself, the movie’s version of a modern day lady’s man.

I sorta think that part of the movie was gotten from all the hype in the new beard gang movement, as the main concepts in the movie were mostly modern though it was an old Texan set. I knew the beard gang was here to stay when I saw a beard butter in a friends place, this friend thought the flower filter on snapchat was too feminine to be used by guys and that men should never wear pink, but he would totally tie a silk scarf to protect his beard from breakage (this is not an assumption, I asked).

I also noticed that if you asked ladies today on the physical things they liked in a guy, at least 6 outta 10 would have a beard in their top 5. I’m like before beard gang became a thing, were clean shaven guys not considered attractive? So guys have to keep up o and keep grooming with elixirs, butter etc!

There’s a whole variety of beard care products and beard styles, the market is pretty huge. You could curl it or colour it, straighten it out or leave it kinky, heck its basically keeping natural hair on your face, so the whole routine applies I guess.

Anyway, I am really happy with this beard gang business, not because I find it even the least bit attractive but because it almost makes our (ladies) innate vainess normal, haha. Now no brother can come and start talking about how much time, money and energy you spend on your hair or nails cause you’ll give as much as you get lol. The oils and butters and grooming instructions and new beard care trends, ha ha, Oww J’aime cela!



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