Let It Fro – What’s In Your Spray Bottle?


Howdy everyone, hope the week’s been great so far!

So the Marley locs are out now yaaay! and I’m back with the fro. Don’t blame me abeg I enjoyed the attention from onlookers, the constant ‘Where did you make your hair?’ or ‘Is this your hair? ’ I got from people. I must have packed those locs in every way, shape or style known to hairland and I was so confused when the lady who had installed them asked me why I took them out after two months. I wasn’t about to join the dread gang was my response.

Taking them out was easy and after unravelling each strand my hair was safely moisturised underneath. Oh the joy I felt knowing that Kinky was okay and wasn’t going to break, shed or cut inordinately because I had done a good job moisturising was real.

As a Naturalista, having a spray bottle is as important as the hair itself. A 60z spray bottle will do just fine as it can fit just about anywhere and you can use it when you feel the dryness coming. I made sure that I had my spray bottle filled with oils and water and ensured that I sprayed that onto my locs every morning and most nights, carefully massaging my scalp before wrapping my silk scarf for the night or stepping out for the day’s activities. Doing this, I experienced minimal damage and less shedding after my faux locs were removed.

Cynthia 60oz spray bottle


So what’s in my spray bottle?

There’s no hard/fast rule as to what the complete contents of your spray bottle should be but there are essentials, oh yes. I’ll share my content, you share yours!



Good old H2o is back at it again! Is it safe to ask if you’ve been drinking your 10 glasses yet? Water is an essential for your spray bottle as it helps create the even mixture and moisture you hair needs.


Vegetable Glycerine

Cynthia Now Solutions Vegetable Glycerine

It’s naturally strong humectant properties mean it is able to retain moisture. This is really good for my hair as my hair can stay well moisturised three/four days after one application.


Aloe Vera Juice

This natural ingredient helps to maintain hydration due to its high water content and when applied to the scalp it clears the dead skin clogging the pores which enables hair growth and prevents scalp irritation.



Cynthia Sunny Isle Natural Nigerina oils castor, grape seed, coconut, rosemary avocado,

Essentials (which are highly concentrated) and nourishing oils ranging from Rosemary which cause that cooling sensation when applied to the scalp, chamomile oil for soothing relief, Grape seed oil, Avocado,  Almond, Castor,  jojoba the list is endless. Figure out what your hair likes and and the results are rewarding.


Good Leave In Conditioner

Cynthia Giovanni weightless leave in conditioner

This contains ingredients that help to retain curls and moisture leaving your hair manageable. I use the Giovanni Direct Leave -In Weightless Moisture Conditioner. it does what it says on the bottle!


So here’s how I do it.

I start with essential oils first so that I can control the drops going into the spray bottle. Then in goes 1oz of my aloe vera juice. I top it off with other oils of choice, 2 or 3 at most and then balance the equation by adding water and glycerine. Use more water than oils in your mixture and if you feel like there’s too much oil, try to balance out the mixture. Alternatively, I use leave in conditioner instead of aloe vera juice as it’s either one on the other. Aloe vera juice mixtures are best stored in the refrigerator as it keeps it fresh.

So there we go, now that we know what’s in my bottle, what’s in yours?

Until next time, be Kinky and Proud xx





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